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Welcome Franken Followers; 

Today I finished reading Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus in my time reading this book I have not enjoyed it as much as I hoped I would. The book was centered more around science fiction and my interests are the romantic type or comedy, although Mary Shelley, the author of the novel, grew up in the romantic era and wrote mostly romance she didn’t have difficult time writing a science fiction, this story is told worldwide from different perspectives and different plots but always the same thing, a monster, whether he is good or bad it’s always a monster. What if Victor Frankenstein had created the creature to look completely normal? no flaws, just like anyone else. How would this change things in the story? How would this effect the creature and Victors relationship? How would this effect the creature’s personality in the long run? So much would be different right? 

If the creature Victor had made from chemistry and alchemy that is 8 feet tall and hideous, his limbs were in proportion, he had yellow skin, and watery eyes which were black along with the dark bags the fell underneath. Victor tried his hardest to make the creature look normal, he had some features that a handsome man would have such as pearly white teeth and large muscles and flowing black hair, which in the end just made a horrible contrast for the monster. Now imagine, If Victor had went to a morgue and took limbs from a young handsome man, blue eyes, blond hair, kept the muscles and the pearly whites, imagine if he was 5’11 a normal Hight. What would happen? The creature is supposed to be a remodel of the ancient Greek warrior Prometheus which is part of Greek mythology which long story short fights Zeus and steals fire from the gods to keep humans warm, which then leads to Zeus chaining Prometheus to the side of a mountain t let eagles and vultures eat his liver that gets regrown every night. Don’t ask me why victor tried to remake him because I couldn’t tell. That’s why Victor had made the monster 8 feet tall with black dark hair.  

If Victor had made the creature more approachable like I described earlier, the relationship between the two would have been much cleaner and more caring involved. The novel shows us in the beginning how loyal and lovable victor’s parents were towards him, to themselves and to others. Many of us thought victor would be the same way with the creature considering he made him, the monster had childlike thoughts how could you not love a child. If the creature was more approachable victor would not have left victor would have been able to take him out in public, maybe even to school, if the monster was more civil and neater looking, Victor would not have abandoned him, which would mean the monster wouldn’t have killed Henry or Elizebeth and his father wouldn’t have died from so much stress. 

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