Elizibeth Lavenza: ESFP

Elizabeth Lavenza was a fun character to answer for. Unlike Walton, Victor and the Creature, she is warmer and more social and would rather help others first before herself. I was able to answer “yes”, rather than “no”, on questions that dealt with emotions. This lead the her results as an ESFP.   Extravert(41%) Sensing(3%) Feeling(53%) Perceiving(3%). Extraversion is a prominent trait in Elizabeth. She is kind and likes to make new friends. They find themselves at the centre of attention at parties and wants to make everyone feel welcome at school, work, in public; basically anywhere you can interact with other people. People of her type make a great companion and will have your back no matter what.


People of the ESFP type are spontaneous and impulsive to the point where it can be entertaining. They love to entertain, on stage, on screen, or in public. Social gatherings are like jet fuel to them. It boots their energy and makes them very happy to be around others. In the book, when the Frankenstein family takes her in as an orphan, they are loving and warm towards her which molded into the woman she was in present day. She is extremely grateful for their kindness. People of this type can jump from thought to thought mid-sentence. ESFPs admire new trends and gadgets. They tend to be the first ones to buy the newest kinds of clothes, cars, cell phones and handy house hold items. They love to talk about anything, especially about others. Some can be identified with a short conversation or a single question.

Career Choices

ESFPs often excel extremely well in careers involving The Arts, such as theatre performers, Costumer and Social Service, such as Restauranteur or Social Worker, and Franchise Management. Their good people skills and desire to entertain help them to excel in these areas. In the book, Elizabeth enjoys aiding the poor (Social Service). She respects all classes of common and lower class people, and come to the aid of Justine Moritz, when she is accused of murder.

Learning Style

While in a learning environment, they typically ask themselves; “Do I enjoy this?”. The more they like what they are learning, the more interest they will show and work hard to get it perfect every time. they take part in direct application to what they learn and use past learning experiences to future problems and tasks. people of this type have excellent memory and can easily recreate a series of information given in a quick succession.

Communication Skills

ESFPs are easy to talk to and will give you their full attention and respect while  you’re talking. They show a great  deal of kindness and compassion when talking about their friends, family, co-coworkers, etc, even if they sometimes tease them. They bring the life to the party and they get along with almost anyone.

Famous ESFPs

  • Saint Mark (Christ’s disciple)
  • Bob Hope
  • Kathy Lee Gifford
  • Steve Irwin
  • Woody Harrelson

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