How to suck at parenting with Victor Frankenstein

Victor may have been a genius, but he is still not a good person and on top of that, he may win worst parent of the year award due to how he treated the thing that he spent so much time and effort creating.

Victor and the monster are portrayed very much like father and son throughout the book and it makes sense, I mean Victor did create the monster. Because Victor is playing the parent roll here, I must ask, who runs away from their child? Yea I get it, they can be annoying sometimes but come on Victor, at least give him a chance. He ran away because his creation was terrifying, I’ve seen many terrifying looking people and you know what? I’m friends with a lot of those people so maybe get to know it before you run away screaming.

After running away, the monster kills someone and Victor gets mad and try’s to kill it. I understand killing people is wrong but Victor, you ran away from him because he was hideous. Of course he’s gonna come find you and because you weren’t there to teach him morals or that not all people are bad and want to kill him, he killed someone close to you to get your attention. Because murder is you know, not good, I totally get wanting to punish him but murdering your child? Maybe you need to sit down for a minute Victor and think because YOU brought him into this world, YOU ran away and YOU chose to teach him nothing. Therefore you are just as responsible as him for the murder. You also had a chance to give him the punishment you were looking for, too back your ego matters more to you than the life of a stranger. Funny how that works right? Your creation kills an innocent person and you get an innocent person killed to keep your creation a secret? Like father like son I suppose.

Clearly there is some family issues going on in the Frankenstein household. Maybe sit down for a minute and have some tea and just talk it out next time before you run away in total terror from the thing you created. Who knows, maybe your creation could have been the best friend you never had but always wanted.

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