Is The Monster Really a Monster?

I know, crazy right? A hideous, mean (or so we think), green, HUGE monster that is created to be an actual monster, doesn’t turn out to be an actual monster? I know, a tongue twister, but just give that a thought. A plot twist if I do say so myself, heres my reasoning to why I personally assume the monster isn’t quite what you think he is, and the genuine monster could be someone else.

The biggest, number one reason why I believe the creation isn’t the actual monster is how hard it tries to fit in society, noticing villagers emotions, how they interact and even learned how to communicate with them. “They were not entirely happy. The young man and his companion often went apart and appeared to weep. I saw no cause for their unhappiness, but I was deeply affected by it.” (Shelley 105). The creation took onto human actions and wanted to fit in more to society, which makes me believe he’s more of a human, then a monster.

Another reason I believe the creation isn’t an actual monster is how much emotion it has, and how it is not afraid to show it. Now, for being created to be a monster you’d assume there would be no emotion or feelings involved considering the fact monsters are supposed to be the total opposite, but, the creation reflects on his past and realizes his emotions, “I cannot describe the agony that these reflections inflicted upon me; I tried to dispel them, but sorrow only increased with knowledge.” (115) . Its emotions show how he’s trying to be more human like, rather then a mean monster that it was created to be.

Now, the real question is.. Is Victor Frankenstein himself the actual monster? In my opinion, yes. Victor is the real monster. His creation was created to be a ‘mirrored image’ ¬†of himself, which in the long run backfired on his end and the creation looks to be turning out better then he is. But, that is just my opinion.



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