Frankenstien… In The Modern Day?

This novel is based in the romantic era, with gothic content and such. Not something written in our times. Well, lets say this novel was written using modern language, with the use of modern technology, something a reader today would enjoy. What would you think?

Lets break it down, this novel is written in the romantic era, an era filled with gothic, horrific things. In this day, I’d say what were far from topics like that in todays era. So, the difference between Frankenstein then and Frankenstein now would be huge! Imagine if Frankenstein’s creation was created using a real human, how would the story change? Or, if it was created as a robot, how would that change the way the book is from beginning to end? ┬áIt’s a crazy thing to think or even imagine the difference that would be made.

This novel was written over 200 years ago, so changing all of the aspects, both big and little would have affect on the story tremendously. But, in my opinion changing the story into current times, the story just wouldn’t be the same as we know it. Frankenstein is a novel that can never be replaced with anything other then itself. Its a known, loved story that will never will be replaced by anything else, a classic that will never die,

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