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Hello and good afternoon today I will be blogging about chapters 9-16 so get your thinking caps out and I will be telling my point of view on this part of the book and the characters in it.

Like you I do believe that the creature tried his best to be good but at some point he just snap. It is understandable after all he has been through. His own creator abandoned him because of the way he looks. The one person that should have accepted him was the first person to turn his back on him. Wherever he went people were frightened by him. Villagers tied to hurt him for reasons he does not understand. When he had the opportunity to met the loving family he has been watching he had high hopes. He thought that was his opportunity “to be known and loved by these amiable creatures” and “to see their sweet looks directed towards [him] with affection” (Shelley, 117-118). Even that did not work out for him, he just couldn’t take it.

A connection I can make to this novel would be to the creature to us as the monster is created you thing that he is a terrifying and scary beast so no one likes him However, after learning the creature’s story and his loneliness, the reader feels sympathy for the creature. We can all relate to the feeling of loneliness and isolation, so by making the creature more human-like, Shelley allows us to feel for the creature. Although the creature appears as a monster to others and makes them fear him, readers can now see deeper into him. The creature has the same feelings as humans and wants to fit into a world that won’t accept him.

In chapters 11-16 in the novel, you are able to see what kind of personality the monster has and what his true intentions are. He isn’t the kind of monster that everyone runs away from. In fact, he’s pretty sensitive, curious to learn, and caring. For example in chapter 12 the monster says, “The gentle manners and beauty of the cottagers greatly endeared them to me: when they were unhappy, I felt depressed; when they rejoiced, I sympathised in their joys,(Shelley 101). The monster becomes exposed to what the real world and he starts to understand what the human mind is like, but he then remembers that he’s ugly and that he wouldn’t be excepted by them due to his looks.The author incorporated these chapters to contrast Victor’s views and what the monster is really like. The monster may be ugly and unattractive on the outside, but deep down he has an innocent and caring personality. The is the complete opposite with Victor because he seems to be quite attractive on the outside, but on the inside he’s very judgemental and selfish. We also get a sense of the monster’s intentions because clearly he doesn’t mean any harm. Just like any living creature, he just wants to learn and be loved and that is what he lacks because no one would give him any chance. They become too startled by his horrendous looks to even give him a chance.


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