Throughout the story, Victor Frankenstein’s monster terrorizes almost all of the important supporting characters. All except for Ernest. In fact, by the end of the novel, Ernest is the only one who seems to have benefitted. He is now the sole heir to the Frankenstein fortune, literally everything now belongs to him. Best benefit of all? He no longer has to deal with whiney Victor. It seems odd that one character ended up with so much (even though I’s not stated). Makes you wonder, what was so special about Ernest? Unfortunately, this question really doesn’t have an answer, as all we really know about Ernest is his name and what he is to Victor. All we can really do is speculate. The fact that Ernest was never killed, probably hints to the fact that he was independent of the family, and not often around. Perhaps Ernest was ambitious, working to make his way in the world. Maybe he had a personality of gold, and got all the fortune he deserved as a reward. Or there is a more sinister theory. Perhaps maybe, just maybe Ernest was communicating with the monster. It doesn’t really seem possible at first, but the monster knew where his target would be staying every time, this made the kill easy. While the monster can say simply that he just followed Victor, he was a huge creature and body parts sewn together. How would it be possible for him to be both graceful and an excellent tracker? The monster also knew who to kill, to torture Victor slowly over the edge. That is information that could really only come from an inside source. But why would Ernest do this to Victor? The answer is simple. Revenge. Victor left the house when Ernest was still young, leaving all his responsibilities to young Ernest. He probably spent his childhood never feeling like he was good enough compared to Victor. This checks out, in the book there is not a single character that shows Ernest affection or contacts him, meanwhile every other character that is mentioned receives it at one point or another. Perhaps he was an outcast in his family, maybe seen as a disappointment, and maybe that disappointment drove him to show his family exactly what he was capable of.

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