Victor Frankenstein. The man mopes constantly and makes it seem as though the entire world is against him. He goes away to school, and can’t even be bothered to write his family for the years that he spends away. Victor is so absorbed in himself that he doesn’t seem to even care about his family at all anymore. In fact, even when he is reunited with the lot of them, he seems fairly underwhelmed in comparison to the other characters. It is all about Victor and that’s the end of the story. Victor is like that grumpy and attention seeking aunt at Christmas. She doesn’t talk to anyone all year, shows up late and then helps herself to a giant made doggy bag as she leaves early. Like this horrible relative, Victor is self- absorbed, in this case, rather than a doggy bag, he takes everyone’s emotional efforts, and eventually his selfishness takes their lives. That’s not all though, once his family is dead he plays it off as though he really cared, but if that was the case, he would have done something to prevent their distress and deaths. Then after 90% of his family was killed (minus Ernest). Victor goes and cries to anyone within earshot about how hard his life is. He still has a brother left, but proves once again that he just wants attention, and doesn’t really care by chasing the monster. Honestly, I feel terribly sorry for Walter. That poor man was just trying to get rich, and ended up listening to Victor whine. Worse still, is Walter found this fascinating. Perhaps Victor reminded him of his annoying aunt back home, and the home sickness was so intense that he found it comforting somehow. One thing I will say is that Ernest was very lucky, at least he no longer had to deal with Victor’s incessant whining and he survived.

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