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Scientific Developments
Why have us humans devoted so much time and resources towards our knowledge, known as science, but on the other hand, why haven’t we demoted more. Our developments in science expand our knowledge on everything, they are the reason the average life span of a human is constantly increasing. Or could it be possible it’s the reason that we could be on the brink of extinction. It comes down to the morals of the person conducting the research, that’s what will decide how the discovery will impact humanity. If you take Robert Oppenheimer and compare him to Victor Frankenstein, they are very similar. They’re creations both had a major negative impact on humanity but had the potential to be extremely positive. When Oppenheimer made the atom bomb, he was living in the time of the second World War and the Americans used them in the bombing of Nagasaki close to one hundred thousand people. America could have used this development as a possible energy source instead of a tool for mass destruction. Although Victor’s creation wasn’t as destructive, it was smarter then the bomb and possibly the people controlling it. The creature knew to go after his family because there would be no greater pain on earth, so the grief to Victor would be equal of the Nagasaki bombing to humanity. Creating life could possibly be the greatest developments in history and Victor could have used his invention to further our knowledge of the broad spectrum of life, but of course he his arrogant and does not clearly think through his idea and decides to throw it away.

This is one of the greatest days in scientific history to send the first person into space and this is the potential that Victor’s creation had but never reached.
What do the scientist of the world have in store next? Will the average person even be able to have access to it. Who decides what information is released to the public and what percent of the information they do release is true. I believe that most major developments are kept in secrecy and Victor helps backup my theory because he hides his creation from the public and closes himself off from society while working on his creature.
Quote of the day
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
– Albert Einstein

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Franken Journal 2

Thursday, Nov 29. 2018

The Real Monster

Before reading the book I always associated the name Frankenstein with the so called “Monster” of the story. When reading it I found out I was intensely inaccurate. Now I sit here wondering who the “Monster” is, because the “Monster” is just a nameless creature marginalized as a monster by his creator, the same as the Jewish in WWII, how the ruler Hitler, never gave the Jewish a chance at life and treated them as if they were below him. Which was the most extreme form of genocide known to man and I think the same would have happened if the Victor’s creature ever reproduced. The difference is the creature murdered several people, but it wasn’t entirely It’s fault. Victor must take a lot of the blame for the Creature’s mistakes due to his arrogance. This is what causes Victor to develop into a monster and indirectly murder his family, because of how the creature was rejected and marginalized all he wanted was his creator’s attention, “The beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” (Shelley,56). Victor saying this really shows how his creature never had a chance from the beginning. This plus never being taught right from wrong turns the creature into a “Monster”.

Victor is the real monster and his character is a complete let down. Victor had so much potential, until his mother died, and everything fell out of place. He achieved one of the most Important scientific discoveries ever, but he never thought about the repercussions of creating life and certainly didn’t care for the life he had created. Victor could even have saved Justine’s life knowing that his creature had murdered his brother but would not speak up because he is so self-centered he wouldn’t even let someone close to him ruin his reputation, so he does the evillest thing imaginable just to protect his ego, he just sits by and lets Justine be executed for his mistakes. His actions make the reader infuriated wishing you could jump in Victors place and fix everything.



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Although Victor should be blamed for most of the tragic events that occur during the creature’s rain of terror, it leaves me with the thought of if we grew up without parents or someone to lead us down the right path how long would it take for us to find that path on our own, or would we ever find it? Would we end up like Victor’s creature who kills just for Victor’s attention and must rob for food. Personally, I don’t know if I would even survive, I don’t think I have the mental strength to live on my own or to handle being shunned by society.

Do we really appreciate the people who guide us in life, the ones making the sacrifices necessary so we have a chance to succeed and so we don’t end up like Frankenstein’s creature? Do we ever take the time out of our days to give back to make an impact on somebody else? Maybe if the creature had someone to give him a boost he wouldn’t end up a murderous monster.

Quote of the day

“We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. Freedom is like that. It’s like air. When you have it, you don’t notice it.”

Boris Yeltsin 


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Franken journal 1

Journal 1, Nov 22, 2018

Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein was published January 1, 1818 and for two hundred years has been recreated in films and stories. Frankenstein is a gothic novel with a disconsolate beginning.

Having a disconsolate beginning is a bold move and creates a very serious and sorrowful mood in the readers mind.  William Shakespeare’s, Merchant of Venice is another example of a novel that starts by taking the reader through the melancholy mind of miserable Antonio. A lead such as these can make a reader throw the book away instantly or could make the reader grip it harder depending on their frame of mind. For me it throws me off, I enjoy comedy or action. For example, when I went to watch the guardians of the galaxy (a children’s superhero movie) the tragic beginning made me want to leave the theater.  Therefore I feel comedy is the best genre, so please answer the poll below:



Victor is a very fragile character. In Victor’s teen years he develops a fascination with the mysteries of the natural world, he then goes on to study the alchemists, but soon after a demonstration of electricity from his father he notices the alchemist’s mistakes. When Victor was seventeen Victors mother catches a deadly fever from Elizabeth and dies. This shook Victor because only a few weeks later he takes off to the university of Ingolstadt and ignores his family back in Geneva. He studies natural philosophy after M.Krempe tells Victor he’s wasted his time studying the Alchemist’s. after a lot of time spent learning human anatomy Victor starts his creation of a new being. After months of building this creature he brings it to life and it is horrifying. He tries to sleep it away but he it brings back the crippling memories of his mother and Elizabeth. By now Victor is so weak he became ill with a nervous fever that lasted months after finding his creation has disappeared. Now it is revealed to us how fragile Victor is, extremely relatable to a hero from the Star Wars saga, Luke Skywalker. Luke’s mother also died when Luke was very young. This caused him to have to grow up with his aunt and uncle because he had not known his father was alive until he was in his twenties. Living with his aunt and uncle held him back for years and he could not go off on adventures because he had to help with the harvest, until the Empire murdered his aunt and uncle which sets him off on his quest to join the rebellion. After becoming a legend in the galaxy, he tried to rebuild the jedi order, but fails his students go rogue and start a war. This causes Luke to go in exile and become the frail fallen hero we see in Star Wars the Force Awakens. Therefore, even some of the greatest characters through history can be very fragile, and it only makes the story better watching them come over their obstacles

Quote of the day:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott


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