A View of Victors Kooky Vitality.

Victor, has been the main character of the story so far, he’s talked about his family , his life in his younger years and all about his schooling. Victor sounds like he grew up rather normally, he lived in a what sounds like a lovely Swiss Manor with his family. His story gets less of Victor living his life, to a speedy decline in his overall health, he seems to slowly go a little loony, as he obsesses over a the Monster as he laughs in a abnormal manner judging by his conversation when Clerval arrived “observed me (Victor) more attentively, he saw a wildness in my eyes for which he couldn’t account, and my loud, unrestrained, heartless laughter frightened and astonished him” (Shelley 62-63). This proves that Victor’s sanity or mental state in general is turning into the stereotypical ‘mad scientist’. This could be accounted for on his past experiences, such as when his ‘sister’ fell ill and shortly after his mother passed away from an illness as well. At this point you can tell Victor is getting worse as he loved his mother Caroline and when she passed away there was an obvious void inside of him. That is until his sister Elizabeth basically replaces Caroline. Even after that Victor goes full ‘mad scientist’ mode and clearly can’t think very straight. Judging by all these things I think Victor is going to only get worse, and all we get to do is watch as our stories main character turns into a monster himself. Though, even after all this I think there will be a happy ending for Victor as I believe he’ll end up getting help and coming out of this odd stage in his life, going back to doing normal schooling and maybe moving back home to Elizabeth and the rest of his old acquaintances. Possibly the way Victor acts could be the way Mary Shelley acted after her many tragedies, possibly instead of thinking about a monster, talking about limbs or other odd descriptions. Perhaps Shelley thought about these types of things but differently, perhaps this influenced all the deaths of friends and family Victor has to face in the story, maybe Victors insanity and stress comes from Shelley’s own personal feelings. She might’ve had bad thoughts about all the passed away people in her life, which is might be why Victor has a obsession with the subject. Victor may want to bring the monster to life, in an attempt to learn how to bring people back to life to prevent more death in his family, which may be what Shelley wanted to do but was to much of fiction to be true. Hopefully the story will reveal more as we progress, to see if more of Shelley’s tragedies will be obvious with Victor.

– David L. Dickhout


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