Victor’s Deal, Bogus or Valiant?

During the follow up to the “epic finale” of Frankenstein, the Monster strikes a deal with Victor. ” blah blah get me a female and then i’ll leave humanity alone forever”- Scary Monster Guy. This deal involves Victor having to create another monster which would take months in his busy schedule of sulking and whining so that might be put on the lightning powered back burner. But who cares about that stuff because even if Victor would suck it up, is this deal a truly valiant one to go in the books of happily ever afters? or just another lie told by our “favourite” Swiss Necromancer?

To be honest I had a feeling that Victor would betray the deal he made as it just seems like something Victor would do. As he has lied about quite a lot throughout the book, another lie to wrap the whole thing up would make sense. Though this one was by far the most dramatic as Victor could have got rid of the monster forever, and gone back to a normal life at the cost of breaking a ethical boundary again and creating yet another horror to wander the world and strike fear into the hearts of many. But Victor made a promise, a certain agreement which should never be broken yet he did, he constructed the Creature 2.0 but didn’t want to bring it to life and ended up destroying it ruining the monsters chance at true happiness. This is the bogus part of Victors deal, as a result of his actions the monster still threatens Victor and his family by his presence and all Victor had to do was a quick ZAP!! and POOF! about 80% of his problems were gone.

On the brighter side of the deal, Victor did follow a very slim value of ethics and I think he learned from his previous mistake of bringing the first monster to life as he said many times he didn’t want to create another creature and have his name tarnished in history. Victor didn’t want to create another being who might cause harm  (I think)  as he had already lost friends and family to the monster, and I don’t think Victor fully trusts the monster to go to wherever he wanted to go and leave humanity alone forever he might’ve thought that the monster could just be yearning for a ally to cause more terror and spread a plague of fear to ordinary townsfolk. Lastly I think Victor wanted to mend his last mistake by trying to get back on track, as he gets married to Elizabeth and wants her to have the best life, Victor here sounds like quite a valiant hero, the “good guy” (to an extent) wanting to redo his mistakes and learning from his wrong doings as he sounds like he just wants to go forward with a new mindset, and move on. So all in all, Victors deal kind of balances out in the end as he did what he did for different reasons and in the end Victor didn’t win nor lose and the monster lost his only way to happiness.






The Monster




– A 1930’s Paperboy That Got Conscripted Into A Grade 11 English Class

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