The book Frankenstein by Marry Shelley resembles a disease called Schizophrenia. This disease causes people to hear voices saying negative things about themselves and in more serious cases they can think there are people watching them or following them. 

In Frankenstein the “monster” who is Frankenstein was created by a scientist named Victor. Victor hated his creation, he thought it was hideous. Victor thought nothing of the life he gave Frankenstein. He would say terrible things to Frankenstein, for example, he would call him a monster, ugly, horrifying and much more. He would call him these names repeatedly.  This is similar to what people with schizophrenia hear in their head. The things that Frankenstein heard all his short life, dehumanized him. 

Frankenstein ran away to try to solve his problems but it just made them worse.  He became suicidal, in most cases people with schizophrenia also become suicidal.  Frankenstein was struggling and listening to all the mean voices in his head and he did end up ending his life. This is one of the most saddest part in Frankenstein.