A Prometheus Kind of Frankenstein

Frankenstein. A spine chilling novel about a miracle creation of the life of a big, scary monster. You may be thinking to yourself how does one like Mary Shelly, a romantic poet, write a book about a monster that people/kids today fear. Well what you don’t know is that Mary Shelly had an influence. An influence of a myth about the wisest of all titans in Ancient Greek mythology. The Prometheus.

When I say Prometheus, you probably think I mean Mary made the monster like him. Well I’m afraid that is wrong. In the book, Victor was more influenced by him. In the myth, the Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Mount Olympus to bring mankind knowledge and enlightenment. Victor, in the book, steals body parts and uses a great amount of power to bring this dead corpse to life. After the Prometheus stole the fire, he was harshly punished by the Gods of Mount Olympus and got chained to a rock to have his liver eaten everyday by an eagle. After Victor brought life to his monster, he suffered dearly when it killed people and was ill with disgust for what he had done. His torture and need for power mirrors that of the Prometheus, being how Mary Shelley was influenced by the myth.

You could also look at this in other perspectives. Like for say, you think that the Prometheus influenced the monster, and how the monster was a powerful scary creature that was desperate for power and stole lives of innocents. Just like the Prometheus, who were powerful creatures who were desperate for power, so desperate they stole from gods. Makes sense right? You may also be wondering why Mary Shelley chose this myth, like what’s so special about this myth in particular? Well, her husband, Percy Shelley, was obsessed and even began composing his own little tales of Prometheus in the form of a drama. So why wouldn’t you think Mary would do the same thing yet twist and turn it into a romantic/gothic novel. In my opinion Mary chose the correct myth to get influenced by, because I couldn’t imagine Frankenstein being based on any other like for say the myth of Ares, the god of war, representing violence and aggression. Even though I’m sure Mary would have still wrote a great novel, it wouldn’t be the same or as great as this fascinating novel, Frankenstein. 

The one question you probably have is what happens in the end? Well unfortunately I can’t tell you that at this point in time, but keep checking out my blog and I assure you, you will not be disappointed and all your questions will soon be answered in no time.




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