Frankenstein’s Final Breath

Lots has happened in these final chapters that has really tied up the book nicely, and made the read very interesting and action packed. In this blog post I will be talking about my thoughts/opinions on the final chapters of Frankenstein.

One of the biggest realizations that was actually mentioned by Victor in the book was that he thought that he was the real monster. I couldn’t agree more! he says “I called myself the murderer of William”(191) in chapter 21 after Clerval was murdered. Victor has made so many bad decisions that I didn’t feel the slightest bit sad when he died. HE was the one who created the monster, then turned him away which turned him to murder. This reminds me of a quote from my favourite show The Office, where Pam says “When a child gets behind the wheel of a car and runs into a tree, you don’t blame the child…you blame the 30-year old woman who got in the passenger seat and said “drive kid; I trust you.” In this case, Victor is to blame for the monsters mistakes because he keeps ignoring the monsters needs on purpose even though he knows that if he doesn’t make the monster a mate, terrible events will take place and he could lose the people close to him. I too would probably go a little crazy if absolutely no one  would listen to me and when I go to my creator, they disregard my feelings and leave me alone without anyone to talk to. If I were to make a robot that tried to destroy humanity, you, for sure would blame the robot, but not as much as the person who created it. It’s like parents and their children; they are responsible for looking after them and making sure they don’t go haywire and start destroying stuff. Victor was completely responsible for the monster but abandoned him like the terrible person he is. If he couldn’t handle the responsibility of the monster (which he clearly couldn’t considering the outcome), he shouldn’t have created him.

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This image expresses how Victor is just as much as a monster himself as he is human.

Something else which was fully uncovered in the last few chapters is how selfish and untrustworthy Victor was. He made a promise to the monster that he would make him a mate, which was the only thing that he really wanted. Victor started to, but ended up letting his selfish side get the best of him and abandoned the project. When I first read this I thought “well at least he tried”, but after some more criticism I decided that trying doesn’t cut it. The monster asked for only one thing, but Victor decided that this was less important than his own happenings. Imagine having only one friend to talk to and help you through life, but instead of following through with his promises he does his own thing, leaving you in the dust to fend for yourself. This would definitely piss me off and I completely understand the rage that must have been flowing through the monsters veins in this situation. I too have had people promise me things that ended up never happening or that we started but never finished. This always gets me upset and leaves me feeling that I shouldn’t trust that person anymore. The monster completely lost trust and hope when Victor broke his promise. After all that the monster went through, trying to figure out how to survive, trying to make friends or even have someone who would look at him without running away, he doesn’t deserve what happened to him. After this happened, the monster then went on to seek revenge on Victor, which is completely understandable. Victor, throughout the whole book, was a selfish little brat who didn’t care about what outcomes would happen when he did stuff. Victor brought all of this on himself and has nobody else to blame but himself. Maybe if he didn’t keep the secret of how the monster was really the killer, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a devastating situation.

One little secret let everything in the book turn upside down. Victor had a normal life before creating the monster, but when he created it, he kept it a secret, which in short, led to everyone’s death. He first kept it from his family when Justine was killed earlier in the book, and still kept it when Elizibeth’s life was in danger during their wedding night. Its kind of funny how one little secret can ruin a person’s life by giving them a bad reputation, or in this case, being ignorant of the truth. I have had people keep secrets from me in which the person was trying to protect me, but ended up making the situation worse by leaving me out of the loop. I can’t imagine having someone withhold information from me that could save my life. If I were to find out that someone did do that, I would be more mad that they kept it from me than if they were to tell me when they first had the chance. I could understand if it was small and wouldn’t really matter, but when it comes to life or death, I would get pretty agitated. Because of this, I blame Victor for everything in this book. He had so many opportunities to tell people about the danger they were in, but he chose not to. Because of this “little” secret, everyone had to suffer without knowing what was going on or why it was happening. I’m actually glad that Victor suffered in the end of the book before he died because he one hundred percent deserved it. This was an easily avoidable situation, and was completely unforgivable. Victor chose the wrong way out of his mistakes.

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This photo shows the black and white horror behind secrets.


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