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My first impression of the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was that it was not going to be enjoyable. Not only does the book use lots of vocabulary from a higher level, it also isn’t the same story you’re used to hearing. When I was young and heard about the monster Frankenstein, it was the big scary green monster. So I still think of that children’s story while I read. My biggest reason for not finding this book enjoyable is a personal reason, that is I don’t like reading.

Within the first few pages I knew I wasn’t going to like this book. This is because all of the sentences were very wordy. The first sentence of letter one is an example, “you will rejoice to hear that no disaster has accompanied the commencement of an enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forebodings” (Shelley 10). In letter one there were many sentences full of words from higher vocabulary. I often times have to look up the definition of a word, such as “forebodings” which in definition means an omen, prediction, or presentiment especially of coming evil. As the book goes on the words continue to get more challenging. Although it’s irritating having to look up these definitions, it is good for your learning. It challenges what you already know and helps you learn even more.

Also, the plot is not the same as the horror story from your childhood. This isn’t like the scary monster you knew; this is a very well written story about a man named Victor Frankenstein. I much prefer the scary story from when I was young. This book isn’t all bad though, for someone that likes reading I’m sure it would be interesting because it has a good plot. I also like that this is a frame story. It interests me because then you have to pay attention through the whole book, and then put it together in the end. Usually when I read a book, I skim over parts but as mentioned you cannot do that with this book. If you skim over a chapter or even a page you will be lost.

Due to the fact that I do not like to read, I could be biased when I say I don’t like the book. It could just be because I don’t like reading. I’m sure if you like to read you would enjoy the book a lot more, as most sites review the book with a 4.3/5 stars.

In conclusion, if you like to read and you find gothic novels interesting this would be a great choice for you.

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3 thoughts on “First Impression of Frankenstein

  1. Very intriguing! I found it enjoyable to read your thoughts on the book. I hope you come to like it as you further read.

  2. My first impression of the novel was almost the same as yours. When my teacher told us that we would be reading the novel Frankenstein, I was excited because I always wanted to read it. I knew that the novel was completely different than the story that we are told as children about the green skinned monster named Frankenstein. When we began reading, I got less excited to read because: 1) reading is not something I tend to enjoy doing and 2) the novel had a hard vocabulary to understand. I think that if the novel were in modern english and used words that we now use in this generation, it would have been much easier to read because I would have been able to know everything that was happening. There were times where I wanted to give up on reading but knew that I had to finish the novel because I wanted to know what would happen at the end.

  3. I agree that “Frankenstein” has a great plot and a great novel for readers interested in gothic novels. I would think that the vocabulary is wordy and that I would lose interest in a few minutes trying to read a few pages. And that you cannot skip a few pages as you said as you would lose what is going on in the novel.

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