Frankenstein and Bad Parenting

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Victor Frankenstein is the creator of the nameless creature in the book Frankenstein. Victor is an extremely intelligent and ambitious man, who kind of portrays god in this novel. He creates life without birth. Although this is genius, he isn’t to smart in the way of nurturing his creation. In modern days this would have been titled as bad parenting. He neglected his creation, he didn’t treat him as a human, and in the end he tried to kill him.

As mentioned above, Victor is genius, not in the way of raising a child though. He neglects his creation. This creature is like a new baby in the world, he doesn’t know anything. He needs to be taught what he is, morals and values, and about the world and other people. The topic of bad parenting connects to Frankenstein because this would be considered bad parenting, some parents neglect and abandon their children. They don’t feed them, nurture them, or teach them proper ethic. Victor was a horrible ‘parent to’ his creation.

Although the creature isn’t human, he should still be treated as one. He should’ve been loved as a child would have been loved. Even though he is different from everybody else he still needs attention. Being treated differently or unfairly can do terrible things to a person, and because the creature was judged so harshly it did terrible things to him. He lashed out just as a regular person would. Victor saw this judgment happening and was judging the creature himself. Instead of loving the creature he mistreated him.

When the creature finally lashed out, he went after Victors family. Victor loves his family, you would think his creation would be classified as family too. When this happens he tries to kill his creation, this is like killing a member of his family. Sometimes families don’t get along with certain members and that seems to be like Victor and the creature.

In the end, the monster is just trying to get attention from his ‘father’. He wants to be loved and taught what he is, and he wants someone like him. Victor turning down all his offers makes him mad. This is all connected into bad parenting. Good parents and families take care of their children, teach them what they are and what they need to do in the world, and show them love with the occasional tough love. But parents usually don’t try to kill their children, no matter how bad they are or how much they act out.

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