Artificial Intelligence and Frankenstein

Blog Three:

Artificial intelligence. A part of the future, the near future and new technology. Like building a creature there is lots of time and intelligence that goes into the building process. Artificial intelligence is getting more and more human like all the time, it is continuously getting smarter, and some people fear one day it could take over the world.

Frankenstein although not a human is very human like. Even though he isn’t as smart as humans, he can still walk and talk like one. Robots are very much the same. Computers and robots can sometimes walk, think and even talk. They are built, not born, the same as Frankenstein.

Although the creature doesn’t have the same brain as a regular human he keeps getting smarter. He’s like a growing child, having demands and negotiations. An example is when he asks for another creature to be built. That is his main request. When this request is not fulfilled he wants revenge and goes after Victors family. He continually gets smarter from the moment he become living to the end of the book.

Much like in the novel, when the creature takes over, people fear that could happen to our world with technology and computers. Technology is getting more intelligent, although computers do not have “brains” they are extremely smart. This being said, making their own code or language wouldn’t be super difficult. As for in the novel, when the monster starts killing people, that was him taking over. People were afraid and the same thing could happen in our world today but instead of a monster, technology.

Since technology is so easy to hack and it is only getting more intelligent it’s no stretch that this could happen in our reality. Our world can quickly turn into something like this novel. I find this book and topic very related. It’s quite scary to think this could happen in our society like it did based in this novel.

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