Man vs Monster: Who Tells it Better?

This is the real debate as we reach the climax of the story where Victor meets his monster for the first time.  I believe the monster has a much better story that is way more interesting than Victor’s, and I’m sure lots of people would agree with me.  To me Victor just seems like a very dull unlikable guy that always mopes around about how horrible his life is meanwhile he caused all of his pain he suffers through. On the other hand, the monster has a very different and far more interesting approach to life than Victor.  The monster tells us about all the things he learned and how he really likes this family that he stalks, and it is actually kind of cute.

The monster just feels so much more cheerful than Victor yet he still has a balance of sadness and dread that ties into the theme of the book.  The monster has a story that really touches us as readers, he has no one to talk to and everyone is afraid of him yet he is so kind and (usually) gentle.  He is aware that everyone thinks he is ugly and scary and that just makes him even more likable, his story reminds me of the “loser kid” in all the high school movies that everyone avoids.

The monster is obviously not nice throughout the whole book though, but he becomes vengeful for good reason.  He ends up hating people after he gets rejected by the family he liked, and swore to take revenge on Victor.  That doesn’t really make the monster evil though does it?  I believe it’s just an eye for an eye, even though the monster may have taken it a little far.  Overall, I find the kind yet vengeful vibe the monster gives off in his point of view much more enjoyable than the “I hate everything” vibe that Victor gives off.


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Tyler Halbert

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