So THIS is how it Ends?


Author, Mary Shelley

There is no way anyone could have expected an ending that dramatic in the novel Frankenstein.  Mary Shelley hit us with a really interesting conclusion.  Lets just say everyone dies, and I like it.  This ending was so crazy and unexpected that it’s almost impossible not to enjoy it.

Victor just made one too many wrong decisions and everything went spiraling downhill from there.  It’s almost mind boggling how oblivious and outright stupid Victor is in this book.  Why he thought t was a good idea to break his promise with the monster is beyond me, but it does make for a good ending where three people close him were killed in short succession.  Was it his fault?  Oh definitely.  That said, Mary Shelley did a great job making Victor really dumb.

It is just outright hilarious that both the monster and Victor devoted their lives to chasing and being chased after they took everything away from each other.  The fact that after all this time and missed opportunity, Victor finally decides to try to hunt down the monster and dies before he can even find him is very comical to me.  How much sense did that make Victor?

The ending wasn’t all funny though, there was a touch of sadness when the monster cried at Victor’s death (Shelley 241).  This is when he realized there was literally nothing left for him in life.  I think the ending has some very meaningful messages, for example no one deserves to be alone in the world (even the ugliest monster).  The conclusion to Shelley’s novel was very surprising and a breath of fresh air opposed to most books with very cheerful happy endings. The final message of this book is very dark the way I interpret it: although you might have enemies in life, let them be because life is short and you’ll end up in the same place sooner or later.


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Tyler Halbert

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