Many people perceive the character Victor Frankenstein from the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley as a bad and rude person. But I think the opposite. I feel like Victor is a good person on the inside, but like most scientists he is a little bit socially awkward. On the other hand, though I feel like Victor starts off as a good and respectful man until he accomplishes is project. After he completes his project, he isolates himself and turns very rude almost as if he were ashamed of himself. Therefore my final though is that Victor starts off as a good person but turns into a bad person as the novel progresses.

There are a few reasons why I feel like Victor is a good person at the start of the book. Firstly, I think he is a good person is because I don’t feel that Victor created the monster to cause as much destruction as he did. In my perspective, I feel he created the monster to see what himself and his scientific knowledge was capable of doing. I also think he completed his project of the monster as a little bit of a confidence boost for himself and to say that he was the first person ever to create life in the way he did. Secondly, I feel that Victor is a good person as he did take some of the blame and responsibility for the destruction the monster caused. An example of Victor confessing that he is responsible for the murders that the monster committed is in chapter 21 when it states, “I called myself the murderer of William, of Justine, and of Clerval.” (Shelley 155). Lastly, I feel that Victor is a good person since he did take make a mate/significant other for the monster. This makes Victor a good person because if he did go and create the monster a significant other or companion they would have reproduced making more “monsters’ which would then lead to more destruction and harm as there would be more monsters roaming the towns and cities. Therefore, this is why I feel that at some points Victor can be looked at as a good person.

Now for the bad. Firstly, I feel that Victor is a bad and selfish person since he went to the graveyard and dug up fresh graves just to get body parts to use for his project of the monster. First of all, this is very rude to the dead persons body, secondly that is very disrespectful to those who are in relation to the dead body and lastly, it’s just straight up disgusting. Victor talks about the graves in chapter 4 when he states, “As I dabbled among the unhallowed damps of the grave.” (Shelley 39). Secondly, I feel like Victor is a bad person because he does not take all responsibility for the monster’s actions. I feel bad for the monster because he does not know the difference between right and wrong as Victor never taught him. This brings me to my next point. It was rude of Victor to just completely run away and abandon the monster leaving him on his own. I fond this very rude because the monster doesn’t know anything, he must teach himself to speak, eat and the difference between right and wrong. Lastly, I feel that Victor is a frowned upon man by many is because he completely isolated himself from everyone including his creation and his family. This is very rude of him because he left the monster on his own to fend for himself and his family had no idea whether he was okay or not as he didn’t contact them for a long period of time and his family wouldn’t have been able to keep in contact with him as they didn’t know where about on his voyage he was. Therefore, this is why I feel Victor is a bad person.

In conclusion, my final thoughts on Victor is that he is a bad person. This is my final thought because throughout the novel he did more bad then good. He dug up people’s graves, he didn’t take full responsibility for the monsters actions, he left the monster on his own as well as isolating himself from everyone including his family. Therefore, I feel that Victor is honestly a bad person.

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