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Promises vs. the Power of Selfishness

December 7, 2018 by housjaim904   

In this final blog post of Frankenstein, I will be discussing selfishness, greed, and the affect that those factors have on promises in the novel.

Throughout the novel we have discovered that Victor is a very selfish, self centered person. He only cares about himself. His work was more important to him than even his family. He wouldn’t write letters back to them. Victor just had to have everything his way. When he found how much of a responsibility the monster was, he just abandoned him for his own convenience. A person was executed because of his egotistical ways. He wouldn’t even tell people he created the thing that murdered because his ego was so high. These events showed how greedy he was but that was just the beginning. This was the starting issues that led to the final, biggest problem.

The creature asks Victor If he can make him a companion. “You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This alone you can do, I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede” (Shelley 156). At this point is when he finally starts thinking of the consequences.(still thinking about the consequences it would have on only himself), but he had started actually thinking. He first refuses the monster, claiming he won’t put another wicked being like him onto the earth. I feel that Victor owes the monster at least this much for all the suffering he put him through for abandoning him.  Eventually he gives in and promises the creature a female because of the monsters reasonable tone. I feel that this was the absolute right thing to do he deserves someone who will understand him with all he has been through and the fact that he is not accepted. Never mix promises with selfishness.

Even though Frankenstein was threatened by the monster that he would kill all of the ones he cares for if he doesn’t make the female he promised him, The self absorbed man continues to put it off. His family members are being killed, and what does Victor do? He runs away to save himself. That is the act of only a self centered person. He even married his love: Elizabeth, when he should have known she was to become the number one target of the monster’s murders after the wedding. The reason he married her was because he had to have everything he wanted, not even thinking about the consequences. What he wanted was for Elizabeth to be his, so he made her his. He didn’t even think that the monster would just go and kill her too. How naive could someone be? Now all of Victor’s happiness is completely gone, and misery has consumed him. If he had just made the fiend the companion he was promised and desired, none of this would of ever happened. His family members would be alive and well and, Victor would be happy because the monster was happy. It is completely and utterly Victor’s fault, if it was’t for his greedy way’s he could of still have his family, but nope, he was too cowardly to make the monster a female because he thought it would just make him feel bad like he did when he made the original monster or that they would make offspring.

In my head I imagined scenarios. Scenarios where Victor didn’t make the mistakes that he did, and how he could have avoided the problems he had all together. The thoughts I had were really very simple solutions, that I feel that if Frankenstein wasn’t the selfish person he is, could of very easily came up with them himself. It all comes down to promises and selfishness. If Victor would have never promised the creature a person, but promised that he would teach him things, maybe give him a name, and treat him as a father for a while, it would of been much less stressful and painless solution, that in the end would of made both the creature and him happy. I think that that this solution would of pleased the creature and made him feel more wanted and human. It is an offer that wouldn’t even take up too, too much of Victor’s time. Or he could of just kept the promise he made. Promises are probably very sacred to the monster and the fact that Frankenstein broke it because of his selfishness an fear just upset him. So if he had just made him the companion he wanted, his life wouldn’t be ruined.  He would still have his love and the people he cared for most. Maybe there would of been people who were scared of them but they wouldn’t harm anyone else. He should of done one of those things.

Victor was so very greedy and shouldn’t make promises because he is ego is too high to keep them. Promises are a big deal and if you can’t keep them, don’t even make them in the first place. You saw how it turned out for Victor, he lost everything he loved. He was never even capable of keeping a promise in the first place. So that was my final post on the book Frankenstein. I hope you enjoyed my point of view and thoughts on the book. Thank you for reading housjaim Blogs!

Image result for frankenstein and his bride                                                                              (The female the monster never got.)

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Maurice Hindle. Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. Penguin, 1992.

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