Have you read a book where it’s just cockiness before you hit the good stuff? Well Frankenstein is full of that and is also quite intriguing for what I have read so far. Walton likes to try and imagine what his sister is saying about his letters. He makes me think of how people react when they send out letters to their family or friends and are critically thinking how they would react. He is extremely thoughtful and kind when the “stranger” comes upon them. When Victor comes out and tells his story he actually tells it as if he owned his cousin Elizabeth. It didn’t seem like a normal family relationship because it seemed like Victor held a dominance over Elizabeth. He likes to push on the fact that he went to university and how he is oh so amazing but in reality he is just cocky! Victor is just so full of himself; he doesn’t actually prove how good he is he is just talk. He sees himself as so much better than everyone else and everyone is below him. He can beat everyone. He says he is all that and says how his family loves him yet he was sent away and was finally sent a letter from his father explaining his date of return to them. “My dear Victor, You have probably waited impatiently for a letter to fix the date of your return to us,” (Shelley 74). Victor reminds me of athletes they get so cocky and full of themselves when playing the sport like no your not going to get the basket from half court. From what Victor explains about Elizabeth she seems to be a wonderful girl and is very sweet and kind. He explains it as if she is the perfect child and portrays himself as arrogant without realizing it.

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Malvina G. Vogel. Frankenstein
    Baronet Books,2008.

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