FDELK Teacher to FTD (Full Time Daddy)…

Well we made it!!

Got through year four of FDELK, which has been amazing and so much fun!! Love the life in FDELK, but its time again to move on to a new adventure and gain more experience in another area.

Next year….grade three; which I will see some of the original students I had in my current school in Kindergarten. A new adventure and world to explore with a new age group. I always said I wanted to teach kindergarten and I had that chance and loved it. During my teaching placements I always said grade 3 maybe 4 would be my ideal grades to teach, so here we go I get another wonderful opportunity to explore something I always wanted to again! I am so lucky and very excited!

Before that new adventure starts up we have the summer to recharge and reset. A friend of mind told me; ‘teachers are like solar lights, we need to recharge in the sun to glow’ and after this busy year of learning I think she is right! So, here I am at home thinking we have the whole summer ahead what will I do?!? Well…AQ’s, Finalize my Microsoft Educator MIE Training, some wicked awesome Fire Fighter Emergency training and best of all….spend time with my three little monkeys!

I am now a full time daddy! Something I always look forward to each summer since my son was born five (almost six years ago). I love hanging out, having a (not so rushed) breakfast every morning, talking with the three amego’s and planning our day. Playing hockey on the back pad, jumping on trampoline, hot tub, swimming in pool, trips to feed the ducks, parks, parks and more parks which then leads to ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream too!

Part of me really wanted to work hard with Xander (heading to grade 1) on his reading and writing but I think we both need a full month away from school work. So, maybe in August we shall explore that!

For now I know I need some kid time, some one on one with my monsters!! Those three are my life and we are super busy throughout the year so now is the time where our job as teachers is the best, now is the time when we can really appreciate the time off to spend quality time with family and friends. I hope all you educators get this time with your families this summer!!

Two days in and I was watching a movie yesterday after the Blue Jays game, which is another summer time perk!! The movie I was watching with the kids was….wait for it….Daddy Daycare; which is MY summer. Hehehe sounds so funny saying it but life with three under five is just like Daddy Daycare.

My wife’s late Grandma Emma use to say to me ‘Oh you are babysitting the kids today’ while Shannon was working. No Dad’s are parents too, wee do not babysit, we can rock the parenting gig just as well as Mommy’s!! In fact I have to say I am a freaking rock star when it comes to the parenting gig!! You know how I can tell?!!? I have three people that inform me of this realization each July and August…..when I say ‘Alright, Daddy is home for the summer’ my kids scream with excitement, jump for joy and this year added the best part…..”Best Daddy Ever” into the excitement of the moment too!

So, for all of you Daddy / Teachers out there……rock it this summer Daddy’s!!




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