Summer PD for a teacher…future looks bright!

So, we are well into week two of summer!

Been busy planning, creating and reading lots and lots of various things for my new classroom, new school and new grade.

Trying to continue my growth and development in the 21 century usage of tools and strategies moving forward next year and look back it was a fantastic year, but looking ahead with an older group the possibilities open even more so!

Had a discussion with my wife regarding how moving to a new school, closer to home is exciting, but also to some degree a bit of a step backwards again; as I was thoroughly involved, invested and part of Hagersville Elementary; covering the office, leading student ed tech, the tech lead within the school and a go to guy for anything and everything! Looking into the Fall of 2017 I am now starting off yet at the beginning again; however all the involvement is somewhat lessened…now I was thinking a bit of a step back, but rethinking, reflecting and planning ahead I see more time, opportunities and possibilities with an older group (grade 5 and 6 students).

I plan on taking the new room, and well moving in take the design concept of a Maker Space / 21 Century Flipped Paperless Classroom; driven by student lead inquiries and project based learning opportunities seem like another step ahead and forward into my personal desire to continue to grow as a 21 century educator.

I have yet to determine a classroom motto; which I always create and try to focus on with the students throughout the year, so if you have any thoughts and or suggestions please let me know! Innovation and Collaboration Project Based Learning need to be incorporated within the motto. I want a strong, clear direction once read people gather and fully understand it!

Last year with Write to Give we looked to expanding and creating a better tomorrow for others; so in some manner I would like to continue that as well somewhere within the classroom motto too.

I am hoping to continue my Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator journey; expand horizons, connect, collaborate and instill a love for learning and eager anticipation to obtain differentiation instructions using the O365 tools we have at our disposal from Microsoft Canada too! I am also anticipating a few announcements myself; hoping to become a Microsoft Fellow, Microsoft Master Skype Teacher and also a Microsoft Surface Pro Trainer to support and teach others using my amazing Surface Pro 4 computer to show others the limitless possibilities of O365 apps and programs!

Another piece I am thoroughly looking forward to is the NEW Microsoft Teams and my continual growth with OneNote Classroom with my students, my new super OneNote 2017 – 2018 Binder that has my Day Book, Mark Book, Pedagogical Student Documentation, Field Trip / Permission Forms / Fundraising, Co-op / Mohawk / Indispire and Teaching Student Info / Student Emergency Contact Information / Computer Passwords and Account information, grade 5 and 6 curriculum documents across all strands. I have included links within this Super OneNote Binder that links to my OneNote Classroom (Collaboration, Library etc…) and student pages for direct access to anything and everything students are doing within the classroom. I also have links to my day book and even my Archer’s 5/6’s Microsoft Team too! I even downloaded the new stickers to add to the learning tools and math add-in’s too!

I am slowly adding content to my Teams channels and pages. Students are included already within Teams and OneNote Classroom Binders (both incredibly easy to do so through search tools). So between these two tools the direct, easily access to network and collaborate within the classroom will be incredibly powerful and simple using student devices, cell phones and computers anywhere within the globe.

I am also looking at adding Student Blogs and Twitter Handles into programming as well so that not only students can link out to the globe through our classroom twitter handle, they can do so on their own as well and start to gather and create a digital presence that begins to instill contributions and support as valued citizens.

I constantly am told that I am beyond out there; that I am very ‘forward thinking’ and even ‘almost to far ahead for others’ but I think its key and important to lead by example, to show our kids, students and family as well as friends that yes the digital-verse can be scary but if used appropriately and efficiently it can open so many doors for students as it has with me!

One of my larger goals this coming year is for students to be able to include a twitter handle, blog link to resumes in the future so that future employers can visit and see what incredible, remarkable change makers they have the possibility of hiring for their business’ and companies!

So, again looking back to the conversation with my wife about taking a step back; it doesn’t look so painful as I really thought! I am excited for a new change and new group, new classroom, school, and colleagues to work, learn and share what I know with!

I have always called Port Dover my home since I was born. I went to grade school, high school here! I did my HS Co-op placements at Doverwood, College ECE placement in Kindergarten at Doverwood and even my Teachers College; Teaching Placement at Doverwood. I grew up playing minor hockey and baseball, I coach my children now going through minor hockey and baseball! I bought my first house in Port Dover (still own and currently a landlord with this original house), purchased our second home, got married and had my three kids here and also a Volunteer Fire Fighter at Station # Norfolk in Port Dover. Now, I get the ultimate prize the ultimate goal I always said I wanted to reach at some point in time; to get to Doverwood! Well, the Old Doverwood school is no longer but Lakewood Elementary is our towns local public school and basically the same thing, so I made it, I got it and the goal has been reached!

I am looking forward to becoming even more invested, infused and part of Port Dover’s culture and future instilling a love for our town with the students of Lakewood and supporting our towns growth and development as well!

Port Dover; I made it back home! See you in the fall Lakewood Elementary!!

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