Hour of Code at Lakewood Elementary School

Hey All!

Been a while, but been crazy busy lately.

I am currently writing this Blog on prep listening to Fair Chance Learning / Lets Talk Science Facebook Live with Sir Robert Thirsk (Canadian Astronaut), so kind of cool as they are talking about STEM Education and Coding directly related to Curriculum Content Areas with Micro:bits and skills going into the future!

Flip back; Yesterday Archer’s 6’s hosted a wonderful day of Coding during Computer Science Week. We had over 140 + students walk through Hour of Code with us. It was crazy busy, but so much fun!

During the event we shared 8 stations; Makey Makey, Micro:bits (2 stations), Hour of Code, MinecraftEdu, Scratch, Box Island, mBot soccer.

Students were exposed to Computational Thinking and features embedded within the aforementioned stations. The message we tried to share can be seen within our local papers news artcle found here; http://bit.ly/2L2VsWP 

I would highly encourage people to explore any of the various options embedded within my friend; David Carruthers Google Doc; http://bit.ly/2L0X6bx

I am very proud of these kids! They worked very hard planning, implementing and running the entire event! A Big Shout Out to Lucah, Gabby and Emma for the extra time put into the nitty gritty behind the scene planning as well!

So, closing up Computer Science this week I want to encourage, inspire all teachers, students to go out and explore various means of coding and programming within your own personal learning and connect into classrooms as well!

Follow people to develop a strong PLN surrounding Coding and Programming online; lots of great options out there! Please take a look at my following list to find many, many amazing people and educators to follow with!

In closing during the next 6 1/2 months Canadian Astronuat; David Saint-Jacques will be aboard the International Space Station conducting research, experiements and much more! Please take a peak at; http://bit.ly/2L3iMnt

Chat soon people!

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