Fantastic Friday!

Have you ever awoke to the alarm and thought…oh boy last one this week, just pound through it!?!?! Almost there….yep, yep as a teacher some weeks are like this, so as per my regular routine; I checked the weather my twitter (I am addicted) and a few other quick things prior to the morning shower!

Today, within a few minutes I was emotionally charged! I was ready to take on the day! Thanks so much Nycol, you kicked off my day with a bang!

As a teacher this time of year become exhausting, tiring and draining….today was a much needed boost, check this out;

I always get a chuckle to some degree when reflecting upon various Ed Tech Conferences and events I go to firstly because my wife calls them ‘geekfests’ and yeah they may be but we are the coolest geeks out there! And two; the people you meet the experiences  you have and the things you learn are incredible, but most of all the PLN that you grow is powerful. Teachers need teacher, we all need each other to get through the gruling year, those long tedious weeks prior to Christmas and the dreadfully short days of January and Febraury as darkness settles in so quickly after work.

This morning I was reminded how powerful my PLN is, not just for networking and sharing ideas, thoughts and helping each other problem solve, but to support each other! I look at some of the incredible names within Nycol’s Blog and become instantly charged knowning I was placed within the same paragraph as the iconic Martha and Dustin Jez! Throw in a Brian Aspinall and top it off with the incredible smile from Jennifer Casa-Todd and this teacher is pumped!

Within Nycol’s Blog she also included a photo from the amazing Canconnect #Ignite Event hosted by Fair Chance Learning and I instantly was brought back, surrounded by incredible educators I greatly admire; Jonathon So, Lee Martin and so many others!

Find your PLN people, these individuals will forever be in your corner, forever able to be ear, a voice a helpful hand, friend and colleague! PLNs are extremely pwoerful, inspiring and emotionally uplifting, today I owe a great deal of gratitude to Nycol!

Who will you inspire today!?!? Reach out and shout out….

I walked into the building today listening to the Arkles; Knocking at the Door and another amazing song by Panic; High Hopes….look out kids today I am going to finish this week off with a bang! (Inspiring songs got to add these to the play list!)

Until next time, chat soon!

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