My 2019 #OneWord

A few years back someone shared; their #Oneword to lead them into the New Year! I been doing this alongside and last year actually wrote a blog about it; seen here (click the highilight text). Within last years blog entry for my #Oneword I used ‘Agility’, basically to juggle and withstand all the vast assortment of activities and life itself within our choices as a family and also myself as an individual.

This year the word I am choosing is somewhat piggyback from one of my new Canadian Icons; David Saint-Jacques (you can follow him on twitter using that linked text) mission outlook he choose, which was ‘Prespective’ as it refers to his ‘Unique experience of seeing Earth from Space’.

He says; “From the ground, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the complexity and intricacy of our planet, but the astronaut’s vantage point gives them the chance to appreciate our home from a distance and to get a better perspective on its beauty, fragility and history”

“When I was a young child, I saw one of those photos of the Earth from the Moon, and it opened my eyes to a different way of viewing the world. I’m looking forward to seeing our home from space for myself, without borders or differences, and can’t wait to share my experience and new perspective with others.”

David Saint-Jacques
So, my #OneWord this year is; Prespective
I am choosing prespective because; life presented me with an option of a job I would be extremly happy and successful with just before closing out before Christmas Holidays. A fresh start even, but I really pondered and thought hard about it and it all came back to the word prespective. From my view, I worked so incredibly hard since beginning teaching to make it to Lakewood (formerly Doverwood) and I am far from being done making the impact I wish to make within this building!
In similar fashion to David, when I was young my eyes were set not on school, not on teaching but hockey! But, being a believer in fate, and that life has a path, direction for each of us a car accident took a career in hockey out of the picture and lead me into teaching (I will have to share this story / path in another posting sometime soon). Within the building I work I see great potential, no borders or differences but there is work to be done, and I would like to be part of that movement; as for me the prespective I see when I close my eyes is powerful, is exceptional for all teachers and students alike….but we are not quiet there yet!
Prespective is a fantastic word because when pondering and thinking about all life is offering you as an individual, a piece of a family, a member of a community service, coach, aunt, uncle and or whatever you choose…you have to keep things honned into prespective! What I mean by this is that there are many really amazing options out there is life, but you need to go work for them, they wont just jump on your lap! Effort is needed…. but at the same time we ALL need to kee things in prespective for us! Is this choice or option the best for the family, for me, for your child(ren) or is it a want?!?! For me….I need to think often recently about prespective! 
During the summer I was incredibly lucky and fortunate to go on a trip with Write to Give; Amy and Stu McLearn to Kenya, Africa and see how much of an impact we can have half way across the globe with some empathy and compassion for others! I know the two weeks for me was life altering and came home with a newfound notion of ‘Hope’ and also a profound understanding of ‘Prespective’! From our vantage point we often do not consider the whole picture; similar now in nature to David Saint-Jacque fly 17,500 kms an hour around our beautiful blue planet I seen things this summer that I couldn’t fathom, nor believe! 
I seen love, humility and compassion from people whom I could not even converse in a conversation with because they appreciated the effort and possibility of a new life for their families through Village Impact and Write to Give! I thought we had it good, but in reality behind all the shiney gadgets, bells and whistles in North America, in a First World Country we are lost in the reality and notion of life itself! We don’t appreciate the simple things in life like the Kenyan’s did I met this summer! From my prespective I was embrassed I never offered more support before I had! But, heading into 2019 its not the support that we need to offer its the compassion to look at each group of people and think, say and wholeheartidly believe that we are ALL ONE GROUP of humanity!
Prespective is a powerful word! Its a word that I will not take for granted heading into 2019! I know I have some big things coming alight in the near future (I am scared but also beyond excited to take a leap into a world of entrepenuership), looking at taking courses for training officer for Fire Fighting, and courses for Teaching with some amazing educators but all in all needing to be reminded to keep things into prespective for myself, family and life! 
Too much is not a good thing! Being humbled this summer in Africa taught me to take little bites into things and enjoy the journey, the adventure and learning within the BIG picture of things….one step at a time, a toe in the lake…a foot, and slowly find your path, the right prespective for you to make an impact (this ‘impact’ was the other word I was considering)…and the deeper and more effort you put within to the right ‘prespective’ right option, the right choice for you…..the deeper impact you will have on those around you!
So, continuing with a friends notion, alongwith my blog posting last year; what is YOUR ONEWORD for 2019?!?!?
Looking forward to reading everyones thoughts!! 
Have a fantastic Holiday everyone! 

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