Operation #SecretElves

Oh, so fun today!

I was farting around browsing Instragram when I came across Amy and Stu McLearn (if you are not aware of them they are amazing, inspiring people whom founded #VillageImpact please see; Write to Give; Kenya for more insights into this), when I came across their Instragram story of making an #Impact on others, and share this with their children as a family tradition.

Watching this was truly inspiring, absolutely wicked, so I decided to take a page from the McLearn’s and give it a whirl. Please visit; Operation Secret Elves to see our expierence within Instragram.

Suffice to say, it was fun, exhilerating but most of all it taught the kids that this IS the Season for giving….not just recieving! It was exciting watching my kids get excited when people walked into Tim Horton’s after we provided the lady at the cash with a gift card to buy the next few customers their coffee / tea / hot chocolate from ‘secret elves’ as we said.

So, we sat anxiously awaiting people walking into Horton’s the kids, eagerly smiling away as a sweet lady was surprised at cash! She winked at the ‘Secret Elves’ on her way out the door with a huge grin on her face, then two elderly ladies walked in and it took them a couple minutes to comprehend what just occurred. The lady at the cash had to explain it twice….my ‘secret elves’ we giggling away smiling too!

I would say mission accomplished! Best part for me was watching the ‘Elves’ smiling and feeling how they can make a small impact on someones day! Even better was what I recieved getting into the truck to go home; “Dad, can we do that again next year!?!?”

So, within our instragram story, Xander set out a challenge; which was, go out and do something special for someone like he and his sisters did!

This was a fantastic learning experience for the kids!

Share you adventure please!

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