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Hmmm a rather odd topic for this blogging plateform eh??

Well, trying something new!

I had an incredible summer, travelling to Kenya, Africa with an incredible group of people! Digital Marketers, Online Business Owners whom were all inspiring and incredible to be around!

One of the individuals I met was; Russell Brunson, the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels. Russell has launched a wicked new program / challenge called ‘One Funnel Away’ OFA Challenge. It is a 30 day trip into ClickFunnels, with lots of fantastic tutorials, videos, walk throughs, coaching lessons and a fantastic community that supports you in the process of learning too!

So, here I am publishing some more! Short and sweet though…I know rare for me!

Today I am watching David Saint Jacques’ LIVE YouTube Feed connected with Halifax, Nova Scotia! Answering questions from Candian students in the Eastern Provinces. One of the things he just shared was regarding ‘Balance’ and I think it a key word in any job, life even as an astronaut or someone new to ClickFunnels!

You see I am beyond excited! Wanting to jump into this world, create content, share and begin to make some impact much larger then I currently am! When I was in Kenya, the school visits were something I will never ever, ever forget! I recall almost daily watching the tears flow with pride from each donor who contributed money to create a classroom, and that became and is my profound dream to go back and step into those shoes not as a passenger but as an avid participant, with my wife and kids together beaming with pride seeing ‘Archer’sTNTClassroom’ on the front above the door! My thought is my means and way to do that is ClickFunnels….make an impact on people obtaining and using my content within their classrooms, houses with loved ones! Become a partner in education on a much larger scale and be part of others journeys of celebration too!

So, until next time….talk to you soon! See you in my dreams again Kenya, Africa!

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