2019 – 2020 #OneWord; Adaptable!

Well people, its that time again!

Every year for the last…..I honestly do not remember how long I have been doing this…..but anyways I choose #OneWord for the 2019 – 2020 School Year.

Last year I choose; Perspective. This year, I think a reasonable word is Adaptable!

This will be a busy busy year! Spilt classroom (5/6) serveral IEP’s and some additional behaviours that could stir things up unless I keep a thumb on things! Not to mention the growning concerns with the Ford Government, my busy afterschool schedule with the family and my ambitious goals of completing Technology in Classroom Part I, Part II and my Specialist before the end of the school year as well. Lots going on with Microsoft as always and some family goals of travelling as well, therefore Adaptability will be incredibly important!

The defination of Adaptable is thins; being able to adjust to new conditions / abot to be modified for a new use or purpose. You have to be flexible, malleable, versatile, multiskilled yet task oriented and very organised as well.

The more and more I think about it, this word will be very, very key to a successful school year this year!

As always my bag of tricks and creative ways will be at work, adapting, modifying and sometimes spinning on my heels mid sentence to regroup and pull people back in when needed. My knowledge and accessive experience with the Microsoft O365 tools, apps and programs will make planning, implementation and delivery of content for a split classroom much easier…..I am super pumped to explore ways to incorporate lots and lots of Flipgrid learning into the mix!

As always OneNote, Sway, Teams, Nearpod, SmartBoard, Microsoft Learning Tools and another new and awesome program Wakelet will be explored. Alongside mathies, kahoots, makey makey, micro:bits, coding, blogging, podcasting (listening and creation), Lifeliqe, ClassTag, Facebook, Twitter and Instragram this year will be dynamic as always!

I am excited to explore and learning more and more this year with Brian Aspinall during Technology in the Classroom Part I starting October 1st as well!

So there it is; Adaptable…..to survive and to strive throughout the 2019 – 2020 school year!

What is your #OneWord?!?!? I challenge all my teacher friends to find something to target, set your goals and sights on and make it happen!

Best of luck everyone this year! I hope you all have lots and lots of laughs, stories and fun with your students, families within your learning spaces / classrooms!!

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