#MSFTEduChat #Bestof2019

Its that time of year again people!!

One month before the ned of the year and we are on Holidays! So, excited….but also excited to connect and share, listen and see what people did this past year in this years #MSFTEduChat #Bestof2019 on Dec 17th at 1 PM EST this year!

I am pumped to be back as a host! I am also excited to learn, see photos and videos of some crazy awesome experiences and learning that everyone had this pasy 2019 school year!

One of my personal highlights was venturing to Paris, France for the Microsoft #E2 event! It was incredible being inspired by so many EduRockStars across the globe face to face! I lead one large team to victory in the Inclusive Lesson Plan Catergory and made lifelong friends that seem like family!

So, please consider marking those calendars on December 17th at 1 pm EST to partake with or without your students. Create some flipgrid student videos to share links to for everyone to hear the excitement and passion behind student voices of projects / experiences and lessons they loved to get others hooked on your material too!

Ready to be inspired going into 2020!?!? Jump on Board Dec 17th! Hope to see you all there!!

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