Knowledge is power, and power empowers others!

Well, I am done! I did it….completed 5 Additional Qualification classes since April of 2020. Lots of hard work, reading but even more learning then I could have imagined!

I completed Special Education Specialist and Information in Computer Technology Specialist, two of which I thoroughly believe are beyond critical to our profession heading into the future!

We need to adapt and change the learning to the meet the needs of our students, be aware and understanding of accomadations and modifications in programming to meet their weaknesses utilizing their strengths. Flexibility in our pedagogy is critical when working with a vast assortment of learning styles and learning struggles…..labels should not nor define students as particular people. This is harsh and the reality is that it occurs far too often, if we shift the mindset and use UDL we can make the learning environment work for all type of learners. Special Education Specialist has taught me to expand my thinking beyond the box and utlize my professional learning community when needed if not aware of particular identifications to understand the reality of the individuals life living with the diagnoses itself to shift my teaching for them!

ICT has greatly broaden my already vast knowledge and understanding of differientiating instruction utilizing technology to do so. This was my field of study and research for my Masters Thesis; The Usage of Information Technology for Special Education. So, to finally pull the two worlds together into an recognizable accredidation was a goal I set out for myself prior to kids…..10 years later I finally completed my journey!

The 21st century competencies of learning are beyond critical to infuse within our students, as they transition into the workforce in the years ahead! Collaboration, Creativity, Problem Solving and Critical Reflection are going to be beyond key for success in the jobs that are not even a thought of right now that they will be doing!

The power of the digital universe is inspiring to help folks learn easier / better, but even more so to collaborate and work without language barriers, time zone problems, space, options and means. Microsoft and Google have created Suites composed of substantial products and programs that infuse user friendly learning tools that help all folks despite struggles so they can work with everyone and on anything! The world is truly a vast assortment of options and powerful learning for all folks looking to find a career they are passionate about and love – not restricted based solely upon grades and outcomes or lack thereof each!

Specialist AQs devise a pedagogical shift within the educator taking them! You transition from Part I – acknowledgement of new ideas, to Part II – where you become masters of the material and understanding the options they provide for all, then into Part III (Specialist) where you become the designer and maker of content and provide leadership for all to follow! As a specialist you become a role model, the voice of change…..some would say the ChangeMaker Mentality within the alotted fields!

As a Special Education Specialist and Computer / Technology Specialist I see and understand the world student live within in a new mindset. I see the role of the Learning Resource Teacher as much more then the ‘reader of IEPs’ – this is a role that is defined not by job you do but solely by the impact you have on the students you support. When students can independantly use technology to become active members within their classroom, at grade level while using learning tools in the computer to elivate thier struggles…..when they become empowered and infused within the learning…..when they transition their own mindsets from I can’t to, I can…just give me some time, this is now the role of the LRT! Empowerment…..if you cannot empower learners, maybe the role is not for you.

A change maker mentality focuses on transitioning the learning into a powerful being, ready, willing and anxiously able to tackle anything the classroom provides and offers!

Empowered as a double specialist provides me with an option to advance my own learning into Administrative options! This is now the new target and goal for 2021….new 3 year plan to become someone that has more impact not only on students but staff and colleagues as well. Time to infuse a new mindset in others to think the same – be creative, innovative and inspiring!

Thanks to Brian and Michelle for challenging my learning and providing lots of constructive feedback and pushing me to become a better version of myself for tomorrow! This Disruptor is empowered to make changes….

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