Mens Mental Health Awareness Reflection

This Month was Mens Mental Health Awareness Month. Now, typcially growing a mustache would the be process, taking in money donations and whatnot to support mens mental health iniatives would have been great, but this month I flipped the notion of donations into more awareness….

Over the course of the past four weeks, I committed myself to fully dive into my own personal struggles with mental health; depression. Now, I am far, far from being good but that being said I decided to plan and implement a process of exercising and sharing the depth and degree of what I need for my own personal mental health through free weight exercises.

Over the duration of the month I took each of the four weeks, planned 4-5 workouts that were anywhere between 1 1/2 – 2 hours in duration. I lost just over 5 lbs, but put on a lot of muscle mass in two rather extensive bulking phases! I feel physically stronger, mentally better after workouts as well. In my role as a teacher, we are currently living with Leece and Ford constraints and little support, therefore we are always on high alert and working beyond overdrive than what we typcially do, so focusing and regulating a schedule to become more and more aware of my own mental health is of critical importance!

Mental health awareness is something most men do not think about, nor even consider! I know I was one, until diagnosed and going through it now. Its alive and it happens to everyone! Jim Carry, Robin Williams and many more like myself put on a mask and overshadow reality with humour, with jokes when internally we are struggling big time!

I hope during the last month through my instagram account @joearcher19 where I have shared and displayed my committement to achieving a better awareness of my personal physical health and taking what I feel is needed to work on my mental health will model and promote other men to do the same – become aware, make time to do what they need to feel better and work on their own struggles.

Mens Mental Health Matters – be aware, acknowledge it and seek support!

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