Monster or Hero?


“Frankenstein” by Marry Shelley is a novel written about a creature, created by a scientist, Victor Frankenstein. The creature became a monster because of loneliness and depression. Frankenstein created the monster and left him to live life without understanding humans and humans not understanding him. He was outcasted and it forced him to hate his creator. But what if the monster was created for something other than just creating life, Frankenstein’s monster was potentially good, he wanted to love and have companionship and what if he was used to the better of society? 

Frankenstein’s monster could have been an immortal human being who could have benefitted society which could have changed the face of the book. It would have been full of wonder also fear as people could attempt to adjust to this new super hero.  The book could be full of joy and successes not melancholy and sadness. For that to happen he would have had to be taught how to live and be a good citizen, the rest of the world would have to accept him. Victor would have had to expose his innovation and forward science to the world.   The monster could have been used as a science experiment to help and change the world. Another superhero that comes to mind when I think about this is Captain America, he was a small skinny boy in the army, but they put him through a science experiment and made him invincible. Frankenstein could have used his monster and made him invincible and helped society instead of becoming a killer out for revenge of his maker. One could only imagine how this could have made a better life and story as he would save innocent from villains? But truly, the monster became one of the created villain’s we see so often in super hero movies not the hero. 

Could this really work? I don’t know. Victor would have had to expose his experiment. Victor lived in fear of the created being because of the people around him.  Victor knew they would not understand and would think him crazy and a witch. Therefore, Frankenstein’s monster suffered so that Victor’s life could remain steady and stable with a future and a bride.The sad part is Victors life did not look like what he tried to make it.  Destiny to create the creature,  killed Frankenstein himself because he then had to travel the road that he did and died in the end with no family or future. “it was a strong effort of the spirit of good, but it was intellectual. Destiny was too potent, and her immutable laws had decreed my utter terrible destruction.”(Shelley, 41)  

Frankenstein’s monster could have been a hero and life for himself and Frankenstein could have been different but instead it ended in loneliness and tragic vengeance.  

Why Was Frankensteins Monster Evil?

 While reading the book “Frankenstein”, written by Mary Shelly the main character Victor Frankenstein, a mad scientist creates a human being using body parts and makes a creature that comes to life. In the book the creature becomes sad and hates his life which makes him turn evil, he begins killing people trying to get revenge on his maker, Frankenstein. Some thoughts that have crossed my mind while reading is, what made him evil?   

When Victor created the creature, he left him behind. The creature was then forced to learn how to live on his own not knowing how to communicate or live around other humans. Other people began to be afraid of him, he was an outcast and viewed as the monster he was. The creature then felt very lonely and realized that no one loved him.  The monster turned his sadness into anger and tried to take his life’s misfortunes out on his creator. He wanted Victor to feel the same way that he felt and murdered those that Victor loved the most. Victors guilt over the death of his family all being caused by his selfish desire to create the monster further caused his misery and distance to the creature. “I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish, to riot in the excess of my despair. Evil hence forth became my good.” (Shelly) the monster says this and it explains how he had turned everything good inside of him to anger and becomes evil. I think the creature was serving to Victor what he thought justice should be. 

The monster wanted was a family or someone to love him. He felt in his life he was totally alone and unloved by everyone and it psychologically proven that people need companionship in life. Even in the time when this book was written there are things we can learn about our mental states. Guilt can physical disable a person and cause sickness until death. So is Victor himself evil by allowing others to suffer because he can’t tell the truth. Victor doesn’t want people to know about the monster because they will think he is mad but in the end Victor I think becomes a bit mad. Victor believes his destiny was something he could not change.  

Let’s look at the story from Frankenstein’s monsters perspective, being a hideous monster brought to life by someone who fears you and is embarrassed of you, he won’t even tell anyone about his hideous creation. That would be very diminishing to the creature, even his own maker or father figure doesn’t even love him. Imagine if that was you, no one loves you and you were just viewed as a monster even though you just want to love someone, you really aren’t a monster on the inside you’re actually very sensitive and longing for someone but on the outside you are just an ugly monster, and no one sees the real you. They just see what’s on the outside and put a label on you because of what you look like. I think in the monster’s defense that would get quite old after some time and maybe I would want revenge on the person that caused me that long life of loneliness and misery as well. 

Victor thought there was noting he could do about the monster, he thought that he was stuck and there was nothing he could do about this life he created for himself. he believed his destiny was to have his life destroyed by his creation. But what he doesn’t know is that your destiny is what you make it. Frankenstein easily could have changed his destiny as well as the monsters but instead he chose to hide and accept his destiny and have is life be destroyed. and Victor created a monster inside of himself as well as his creation.

Now I think we can all learn from the novel Frankenstein. Through the way we view ourselves and how we view others. Mary Shelley does a great job illustrating this throughout the whole book using the monster. He was hideous and even he knew he was, and he was an outcast because of it. He had no one and it caused him to do things he never would have if he was loved by someone. And I think we can take that and use it in our own lives and not judge a book by its cover and think before we say things to people, go out of your way to make others feel better because they could be battling their own internal war with themselves. I think the creature was serving to Victor what he thought justice should be. And another thing we can learn is that our destiny is what we make it and if you sit back and accept your destiny then that’s what you’re going to get from life. 

Victoria Frankenstein

The book “Frankenstein”, written by Mary Shelly, is a story about a man, Victor Frankenstein who is a scientist of natural philosophy. Frankenstein, having attended university, wanted to create life. He was obsessed in the process of creating his hideous monster.  He used cadaver body parts and knowledge of chemistry and electricity to give it life.  Now let’s take a step back for a minute and look at the story as though victor was a woman and we will call her Victoria Frankenstein. In this Blog we are going to look on the flip side of things and listen to Victoria’s side. 

Women in the gothic era were not treated as women are presently. Women were viewed as property, they were not able to attend university and expected to be pretty, innocent, and let’s face it a little bit ditzy. For instance, if you were to look at Disney’s character snow white this would be your typical gothic era woman.   Men on the other hand could go out and have jobs, earn money, go to school or university, which is just what Victor did. In the introduction to Elizabeth as a character in Chapter one Victor described her as “All praises bestowed upon her I received as made to a possession of my own.” (Shelley,34) Victor believed her to be his property and cared for her too deeply. 

Now let’s say Victoria is like your average gothic era woman. She is pretty, selfless, loving and caring. She loves science and is super smart. Victoria adores reading, is determined and she’s got a little bit of spice to her. Now since Victoria is just so into science, she really wants to create a creature using the power of science, (like victor did). She has read so many science books and texts and is now knowledgeable enough to put the petal to the metal and follow through with her experiment.  Since it was kind of a crazy idea and especially for a woman, Victoria really had to hide what she was doing after all if the people in Geneva found out about her little experiment, they would assume she was absolutely mad! So away she went, and she did it, she made the creature come to life. But there was a problem, this creature was hideous! She was frightened and astonished by him at first. Victoria’s female caring nature helped her to be an excellent creator of the monster’s character. She nurtured him and taught him all the things he needed to be a member of society so that he could be trusted by the towns people. 

So, let’s go over how the two stories would end differently. Both Victor and Victoria created the hideous monster but, they were very different. Victor was afraid of the monster and abandoned him which left him sad, alone angry seeking revenge. Victors monster was shunned by people and lonely. The monster was kept a secret because Victor was afraid that people would think he was crazy.  Victorias monster was different, he was scary looking but had a big heart and was gentle.  She celebrated her creation and introduced him to society and therefore had no fear of what people would think. So, who knows maybe Victoria and the monster could then fall in love and live happily everafter. 

 In conclusion, we can learn from the two different endings of the story that people learn from their environment and life experiences and you can’t judge a book by its cover. Victor was scared and he abandoned the monster and Victoria showed the monster love no matter how ugly or scary he was.