Monster or Hero?


“Frankenstein” by Marry Shelley is a novel written about a creature, created by a scientist, Victor Frankenstein. The creature became a monster because of loneliness and depression. Frankenstein created the monster and left him to live life without understanding humans and humans not understanding him. He was outcasted and it forced him to hate his creator. But what if the monster was created for something other than just creating life, Frankenstein’s monster was potentially good, he wanted to love and have companionship and what if he was used to the better of society? 

Frankenstein’s monster could have been an immortal human being who could have benefitted society which could have changed the face of the book. It would have been full of wonder also fear as people could attempt to adjust to this new super hero.  The book could be full of joy and successes not melancholy and sadness. For that to happen he would have had to be taught how to live and be a good citizen, the rest of the world would have to accept him. Victor would have had to expose his innovation and forward science to the world.   The monster could have been used as a science experiment to help and change the world. Another superhero that comes to mind when I think about this is Captain America, he was a small skinny boy in the army, but they put him through a science experiment and made him invincible. Frankenstein could have used his monster and made him invincible and helped society instead of becoming a killer out for revenge of his maker. One could only imagine how this could have made a better life and story as he would save innocent from villains? But truly, the monster became one of the created villain’s we see so often in super hero movies not the hero. 

Could this really work? I don’t know. Victor would have had to expose his experiment. Victor lived in fear of the created being because of the people around him.  Victor knew they would not understand and would think him crazy and a witch. Therefore, Frankenstein’s monster suffered so that Victor’s life could remain steady and stable with a future and a bride.The sad part is Victors life did not look like what he tried to make it.  Destiny to create the creature,  killed Frankenstein himself because he then had to travel the road that he did and died in the end with no family or future. “it was a strong effort of the spirit of good, but it was intellectual. Destiny was too potent, and her immutable laws had decreed my utter terrible destruction.”(Shelley, 41)  

Frankenstein’s monster could have been a hero and life for himself and Frankenstein could have been different but instead it ended in loneliness and tragic vengeance.  

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