December 10th Meeting

Today’s meeting we worked on using Microsoft Publisher along with the green screen to make our business cards. We built a library of math digital tools in our shared one note.  This will allow us to produce digital tasks in One Note quicker and easier. We have created a presentation for admin to communicate ways we will be sharing our new learning. We will be communicating to GEDSB employees and students via office 365 Yammer and Stream.  This blog is to share with people outside of our school board.

Starting Our Math Digital Inking Journey

This past week our TLLP team met and setup our surface pro’s facial recognition (windows hello) and wireless projecting. We took a look at Microsoft One Note, Whiteboard and Ink Workspace.

One Note digital inking with audio recording will be a great tool for recording and seeing students mathematical thinking. When you play the audio back it shows what the student was drawing at that time.

Microsoft Whiteboard will be a good tool for group work.  Someone starts the whiteboard and asks others to join via an email invite. It shows who is drawing what as they draw it.  It has a huge canvas and you can input visuals too.

Microsoft Workspace has sketch pad and screen sketch. This tool has digital inking with ruler and protractors to use.  You can share your sketch to one note, email, and even Skype.