Similarities between Walton and Victor Frankenstein

In the beginning of the book we are introduced to Robert Walton; who writes to his sister Mrs. Saville. In the first letters Walton explains his thirst for adventure as he wants to travel to the north pole. Walton has a burning desire for scientific discovery and he has dedicated his life to uncovering something great. He clearly holds a large amount of knowledge about exploring that is not known by the common person “for the first fourteen years of my life i ran wild on a common and read nothing but Uncle Thomas’ books of voyages” (Shelley 15), and with this knowledge he sets off for a life changing discovery.

We then read and learn about Victor Frankenstein. At only seventeen he leaves to go attend university and he studies philosophy. Victor becomes obsessed with his studies and ignores his social life. Alone and intrigued victor dives into his work and makes a great deal of progress.  Fascinated by creation of life Victor studies how the human body is built and after several years of endless work he beings to understand the secret of life. Privately, hidden away in his apartment, he begins to construct his creature. Devoting all his time to his work he neglects his family and friends which allows him to create new life.

After finishing the beginning of the book we can see the similarities between both Walton and Victor.  They both yearn for glory. They each as individuals want to make some discovery that will forever change the world and will bring greatness to their names. Victor and Walton can see this when they meet: “Unhappy man! Do you share my madness? Have you drunk also the intoxicating draught?” (Shelley 25).  They both are willing to put themselves and others in danger to achieve their goal regardless of the consequences. Both men are ambitious about their goal that they have devoted all their time and energy in hopes of making history. Victor and Walton share something in common that is also very important; knowledge. These men both have privileged knowledge that no one else has that make them superior. They have a lot of knowledge and they have to be careful with it. Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein are both in search for something that will bring them meaning and self worth.

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