If He were a She


For today’s blog, I wanted to talk about a topic that really gets your mind thinking. Drum roll please….. What if Victor Frankenstein was a woman? Thats right, if Victor was a Victoria, how could that have changed the story?  This question opens up a door to so many other question and scenarios that could have happen. After really thinking about it and analyzing it, I came to a few conclusions of what could have happened, but my personal favourite is how the entire story could have ended in a whole different, possibly worst, disaster.

So here’s situation 1 involving a quick history lesson about women v.s. men during this era. For starters, Victor is very upper class and much privileged. He was able to go to university and that allowed him to do research and study and get into this whole bringing life back from the dead obsessions. Back in the 1800 though, men were expected an allowed to go to college or university. Women on the other hand were not. Women were controlled by men, starting with their fathers and eventually their husbands. They were expected to things like cleaning or care taking, perhaps reading or writing. This meant that university was mostly for the men only. So if Victor was a woman, she might not have even went to university. Assuming she would still love science and want to experiment with it, she may not have had the research through university to do so in the first place. Therefore The Monster may have never even been created if Victor was a Woman. At least not in real life, perhaps she would have written a story about the imagination of a creation instead… now that would have saved a lot of lives.

Now lets say she was one of the acceptional women to go off to university and she followed through with the same actions as Victor did by running off and creating this monster. Two things could have happened in my opinion. First off, she may have stayed with the monster and not run off. Some girls tend to have more of a soft side than guys do, so maybe she would have felt too bad to run off leaving it

alone. In this case, The monster may have been raised better and not turned to evil. If people had seen The Monster later on and he was still good since she stayed with him and helped him grow up to be more human, it could have turned into a huge positive science discovery. Now my favourite theory is this. If she abandoned The Monster the same as Victor and The Monster ended up becoming evil all the same, what would have happened when he asked her to create a woman just like him? I’ll tell you what would have happened, she would have done it. Why? Well as we know women were not as powerful as

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men back in this era, so I think she may have seen it as an opportunity to create a powerful woman. The Monster also made himself very convincing to do so. “I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same species and have the same defects, this being you must create.” (Shelly, 155) This would have convinced her even more to follow through with the creation.  So she would go ahead with the plan and create it. This is were things would take a turn for the worst. The woman creature would be created, and The two Monsters would run off together to enjoy there lives. Sounds like that wouldn’t be a problem right? wrong. If the two monsters decided to mate, we could kiss human kind goodbye. A new race of Monsters would spread, and as they are much larger and stronger and way more frightening they could have taken over our world. We could all be 8 foot ugly monsters right now! Could you imagine? I had a laugh thinking about what I would look like as a Monster.

In conclusion, many things could have changed for the better or for the worst if Victor was a girl. Or things may have gone the exact same way as they originally did, but I like to think that would not have been the scenario.


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The Monster… The Poor, Lonely Monster.

Unlike my last blog filled with roasts and anger towards Victor, today I am going to have more of a heart to heart and talk about the pity I feel for “The Monster” himself. Rejection plays a very big role within the book Frankenstein. Specifically to one person in particular, Frankenstein’s monster. Being rejected by his own creator and others on top of that is what formed The Monster to become an actual monster, and how he must’ve felt is what I want to talk about.Image result for the monster from frankenstein looking sad

Imagine entering the world not knowing what anything is, lost and confused. Then the only person who is there with you, who created life for you, just leaves. The amount of confusion and terrorize you would feel is endless. You have no where to go and you don’t even fully understand the way life works. Just thinking about this makes my stomach turn. It would be a nightmare! Well this is what The Monster went through, and knowing that makes me feel so bad for him!

So as I just stated, Victor leaves the monster alone after he created him. Not even introducing him to the new world, he just takes one look at The Monster, freaks out and runs off. He doesn’t even know how to talk, let alone the little things of life like night and day or heat and cold. He had to figure this all out on his own, which had to have been very scary and very lonely. Loneliness is something that can cause a lot of mental health issues. People today go through hard depression because of loneliness. So in my opinion, loneliness caused from Victor abandoning the monster is one thing that made The Monster evil. How is he suppose to know good from bad without someone there to guide him? How is he suppose to know love and mercy if no has ever shown him?

Image result for the monster from frankenstein lonely

Moving on further into The Monsters journey, he tries to enter a village but that again ends badly for him.  Once people see what he looks they freak out and run away. How would you like being so ugly that when someone looked you they screamed in horror? The monster had not done anything wrong to prove he was dangerous or evil at this point infact he was very fragile and pure. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. But the village rejected him just like Victor did, once again leaving him to still be alone. Sad isn’t it?

Continuing on in the book, The Monster finds a place to hide out where he also watches the DeLacey family. At first he steals food from them, which people may think is a sign of evil, but how would he know stealing is bad if no one had taught him that? Therefore he’s just doing what he thinks is okay. He then later on finds out they’re poor. That is when he stops stealing from them which actually Shows that the monster had feelings just like a human and he was pure to start. Anyways, as he watches this family he learns different things like how to speak and how to write but most importantly he sees how the family loves one another. Watching a family love each other while he sat there alone and abandoned must’ve made him feel more lonely than ever. Reading about it made me think of him as one of those old dogs that have been in the pound for years but no one will adopt it because he’s not as cute as the other ones so he spends his life alone, unloved and miserable. 😢. The Monster wants to join this family which obviously makes sence but long story short he was rejected… AGAIN. Looks like the third time wasn’t a charm for The Monster because as soon as they saw his ugly face they freaked out and turned him away, not even giving him a chance.  Talk about heartbreaking, getting rejected three times in a row, being ugly and lonelier than ever.

So The Monster wasn’t evil to begin with in fact he had kindness in his heart. He was turned away and rejected by so many, which had to have had a huge impact on him mentally. These kind of negative experiences create high emotions of anger and sadness that The Monster wouldn’t know how to handle since he has no one to even talk about it with or help him. So then he takes a turn for the worst and starts killing people, but if Victor had not left him in the first place non of that would have happened. Even after  The Monster turned evil, all he wanted from Victor was someone to share his life with. A woman he would run off with so he would never have to be so lonely again. I couldn’t help but feel bad for The monster. The guy was innocent and had a terrible life. “All men hate the wretched; how, then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature, to whom thou art bound by ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us. You purpose to kill me. How dare you sport thus with life?” (Shelly , 104) I’ll leave you with this quote from The Monster himself that shows his pain and grief. Directed towards Victor for creating him and then abandoning him, to fall apart as if he didn’t matter. The Monster was no monster at heart, just lost and hurt and unable to figure out all his emotions the right way.

Image result for the monster from frankenstein lonely


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Roasts with Reagan

Today I will be roasting one person from the famous novel                     Frankenstein, if that wasn’t very obvious… and if you haven’t already guessed, the one I will roast today is the one and only Victor, or should I say “Frankenstein”. Now what can we say about Victor himself. Well to start off I have made a list of 10 words that I think best describe the guy. Image result for victor frankenstein

Victors biggest character attributes:

  1. obdurate
  2. selfish
  3. cowardly
  4. halfhearted
  5. awkward
  6. ruthless
  7. impulsive
  8. overreacher 
  9. brainsick
  10. arrogant

After reading my list I’m sure you’ve understood my point of Victor not being my favourite. I think Victor is hands down a terrible person. You could argue that he is mentally ill which may be true, but mentally ill or not, he still shows negative character attributes throughout the whole story. So then I asked myself why? Why is Victor such a terrible person. What caused him to be such a terrible person? In the end I found myself left with no answer.

Lets start with Victors home life. Was it rough? Absolutely not!! Victor had two very loving parents who were also quite rich I might add. They cherished him and were so kind hearted they even opened their home up to adopt kids. After being raised by these wonderful loving parents, Victor decided to leave them. Not only did he just run off away from them, but he didn’t even have enough morals to write them a letter for years, I mean who does that? His poor parents must’ve felt nothing to him, and all they ever did was show him love and care.

Next we move on to Victors love, Elizebeth. They were engaged. So that means not only did he have his parents who loved him, but also a great women who loved him back. But ruthless Victor over here decided to ruin that happy ending by choosing himself over her. To save himself from “looking bad” Victor compleatly threw Elizabeth into great danger and ruined his future of a happy life with a happy wife.

Image result for frankenstein's monster

Lastly I would like to talk about what Victor Frankenstein did to his monster. Reading him leave the poor thing alone without a worry or care in the world made me wish I could give the monster a hug and slap Frankenstein silly at the same time! It was like abandoning a child in the streets leaving him to fend for himself. Victor completely marginalized his monster and never even gave him a chance. He was completely harmless and no different than any other human being who sees the world for the first time, and Victor just got up and left thinking he created a disaster. So many things are wrong about this whole situation! You can’t just up and leave when you’ve created a mess and he would have realized the monster wasn’t dangerous if he wasn’t so cowardly and had stayed. So then we fast forward to the part where Frankensteins monster kills William and the pin gets put on Victors adopted sister Justine. Victor Frankenstien knows his monster did it but again instead of telling people the mistake he made and risking himself look bad he allows Justine to take the fall for it. Justine was then exicuted for something she did not do while Victor sat there knowing the truth. How insane could someone be?!

So Victor Frankenstein left his loving family without a care, he endangered his soon to be wife, and he ran away from his problems and hiding them to avoid himself looking bad. He has no reasoning behind anything wrong he does other than the simple fact that he is a terrible person. No one in their sane mind would do some of the things Victor Frankenstein had done. The only person in this book who is a true monster through it all Is Victor himself.

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