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Today I will be roasting one person from the famous novel                     Frankenstein, if that wasn’t very obvious… and if you haven’t already guessed, the one I will roast today is the one and only Victor, or should I say “Frankenstein”. Now what can we say about Victor himself. Well to start off I have made a list of 10 words that I think best describe the guy. Image result for victor frankenstein

Victors biggest character attributes:

  1. obdurate
  2. selfish
  3. cowardly
  4. halfhearted
  5. awkward
  6. ruthless
  7. impulsive
  8. overreacher 
  9. brainsick
  10. arrogant

After reading my list I’m sure you’ve understood my point of Victor not being my favourite. I think Victor is hands down a terrible person. You could argue that he is mentally ill which may be true, but mentally ill or not, he still shows negative character attributes throughout the whole story. So then I asked myself why? Why is Victor such a terrible person. What caused him to be such a terrible person? In the end I found myself left with no answer.

Lets start with Victors home life. Was it rough? Absolutely not!! Victor had two very loving parents who were also quite rich I might add. They cherished him and were so kind hearted they even opened their home up to adopt kids. After being raised by these wonderful loving parents, Victor decided to leave them. Not only did he just run off away from them, but he didn’t even have enough morals to write them a letter for years, I mean who does that? His poor parents must’ve felt nothing to him, and all they ever did was show him love and care.

Next we move on to Victors love, Elizebeth. They were engaged. So that means not only did he have his parents who loved him, but also a great women who loved him back. But ruthless Victor over here decided to ruin that happy ending by choosing himself over her. To save himself from “looking bad” Victor compleatly threw Elizabeth into great danger and ruined his future of a happy life with a happy wife.

Image result for frankenstein's monster

Lastly I would like to talk about what Victor Frankenstein did to his monster. Reading him leave the poor thing alone without a worry or care in the world made me wish I could give the monster a hug and slap Frankenstein silly at the same time! It was like abandoning a child in the streets leaving him to fend for himself. Victor completely marginalized his monster and never even gave him a chance. He was completely harmless and no different than any other human being who sees the world for the first time, and Victor just got up and left thinking he created a disaster. So many things are wrong about this whole situation! You can’t just up and leave when you’ve created a mess and he would have realized the monster wasn’t dangerous if he wasn’t so cowardly and had stayed. So then we fast forward to the part where Frankensteins monster kills William and the pin gets put on Victors adopted sister Justine. Victor Frankenstien knows his monster did it but again instead of telling people the mistake he made and risking himself look bad he allows Justine to take the fall for it. Justine was then exicuted for something she did not do while Victor sat there knowing the truth. How insane could someone be?!

So Victor Frankenstein left his loving family without a care, he endangered his soon to be wife, and he ran away from his problems and hiding them to avoid himself looking bad. He has no reasoning behind anything wrong he does other than the simple fact that he is a terrible person. No one in their sane mind would do some of the things Victor Frankenstein had done. The only person in this book who is a true monster through it all Is Victor himself.

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