Math Focus: Geometry

We are about half way through our geometry unit in math! The Grade 7s have been learning about various lines, intersections, angle measurements, parallel and perpendicular lines, properties of triangles, as well as bisectors. Our grade 6s are also learning about angles and lines, as well as irregular shapes and classifying angles and triangles. Today, we did something we aren’t supposed to do… shh… we… wrote on our desks for the entire math class! We promise, it’s for educational purposes. 😉

Students explored lines and angles and applied what they’ve learned so far in this unit. Grade 7s challenge was to calculate as many angles as they could, rather than measure them. The Grade 6s challenge was to measure and classify as many angles as they could, while trying to discover ways to not have to use their protractors as much.

It was great fun… Here are some pictures from when they first got started.

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