The Best Job Ever

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As a Teacher-Librarian in 2016, you need to be a lot of things. On any given day in my amazing school library learning commons, I am called upon to assist in many tasks, including but not limited to:

  • curator
  • IT specialist
  • reader’s advisory
  • detective
  • therapist
  • literacy expert
  • citation goddess
  • archivist
  • barista
  • nurse
  • collection development specialist
  • editor
  • collaborator
  • curriculum adviser
  • scientist
  • event planner
  • facilitator
  • other duties as assigned…

I believe my most important role is facilitator. Collaboration with students, teachers, the community and other teacher-librarians makes this job the most rewarding I have ever had. Each day I look forward to working in a bustling, active-learning space, where students and teachers feel comfortable coming to learn, to hang out, and to try new things; be they a genre of novel they’ve never read or taking apart an old tablet for the first time in our #hackerspace.


Education is about trying things, figuring stuff out, testing theories, learning from our mistakes, and reflecting on our experiences. The Learning Commons philosophy tells us that we are all learners -from the cradle to the grave – and by extension, that everyone has value. The collective contribution of students, teachers and others in our community to the learning environment at BCI is what makes our school and our learning experiences great. It is exciting to contribute to that energy.

My intention is to share awesome, amazing and sometimes even mundane thoughts and events with the wider learning community through this blog. There will be photos of the BCI Library Learning Commons, and links to resources and other stuff I find interesting. I’m hoping that this will be an effective collaboration tool for professional learning, as well – so please feel free to comment or share ideas with me. I’m always open to new adventures!



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