This Changes Everything



Tomorrow I venture into previously uncharted territory in my teaching and learning in the BCI Library Learning Commons. Tomorrow, thanks to the NFB Virtual Classroom program, we are hosting Naomi Klein, who will lecture on her most recent book, “This Changes Everything”.  Her research focuses on the connection between Capitalism and Global Climate Change. I have invited two classes (and various extras) to come, listen and engage in the virtual learning experience.

I should say, I’m not a stranger to digital learning; I’ve done Google Hangouts and Skype for meetings and webinars, but this is the first time I’ve used the NFB platform and had an audience/group of 70+ students involved. I have high hopes that this will be all I dream of: the true classroom without walls, where students are in a cloud classroom with students from all over Canada, engaging in meaningful dialogue and reflection with a true expert. The possibility of removing the limitations imposed by a traditional schooling model (scheduling, travel, fees and space to host a speaker) opens the door to inviting a broad variety of experts in a vast number of fields to speak to students. And who better to teach than experts?  If we can get students excited about the people they meet, if we can take this opportunity to teach them more than content and extend to presentation skills, critical thinking, digital literacy and digital citizenship, if we can demonstrate the REAL WORLD connections to the learning in school?

I have to agree: This Changes Everything.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Here is some information about the virtual classroom and also some suggested films and resources related to the issue of global climate change and Capitalism.

Virtual Classroom Link: This Changes Everything

NFB Resources – This Changes Everything