good morning everyone? How has your lunch been? Anyhow, you know what book I have been reading for a little bit now? Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Now, before you worry that I will spoil the ending… I won’t… Yet. right now I’ve only read the first 8 chapters, and might I say, this is a great read. I love the hidden themes that are also so blatantly obvious that not everyone actually picks up on it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPOILERS AHEAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



The first thing I noticed while I was reading was that all of the reading is in 1st person. While this does add quite a bit of extra detail towards the story, it also becomes a biased source, not only that, it’s also capable of making even the most humble people seem self-centred. We first see this at the beginning of the book through the letters by Robert Walton, a man traveling to the North Pole via boat. Robert, as observed through his letters,