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Frankenstein: Part 3

Good Morning everyone, hows lunch? Personally, I was eating brunch at this new place in the town i live in (that won’t be named…), and I noticed something; there was this guy in line, and he was being SUPER rude…. Continue Reading →

Frankenstein: Part 2

Good afternoon everyone, how’s that sandwich… or whatever it is you’re eating? I bet if you could change one thing about it, any teeny-tiny thing about it, you would. That reminds me of someone who faces that same sort of… Continue Reading →

Frankenstein: Part 1

good morning everyone? How has your lunch been? Anyhow, you know what book I have been reading for a little bit now? Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Now, before you worry that I will spoil the ending… I won’t… Yet. right now… Continue Reading →

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