Do you ever know what its like to move away from home and go away to school? Decide on a career path when you are young that determines the rest of your life? In fact we all do, including Victor! When we are only 17/18 we make the decision of what subject we want to pursue in and how far away  we are willing to move away from our house, our family, our friends, everything. When Victor was only 17 years old he goes to leave his family to attend a university far away. just before Victors departure his mother becomes ill and two weeks later passes away. After grieving Victor starts to pursue his studies in science. He gets so attached with his studies he ignores all social life and his family. Teens like us go through the same thing. Going away to University is one of the biggest teen issues now a days. You leave behind the people that helped you throughout your childhood and that can be very scary. You have no idea what could happen to people when you move aways. Just like what happened to Victor about his mothers passing. When students get settled with the situation of being away from family and friends they either progress very well or not at all. In victors case he progressed very well and be began to neglect everything… his family, friends, studies and social life. He becomes really interested in the mystery creation of life and began to study the anatomy, death and decay of humans. After 7 long years he took in all the information from the professors and began to go deeper and discover the secret of life. Just like Victor depending on what program you go into you could have a lot of schooling and it could separate you from your social life. Hidden from his social life Victor began to construct a creature of a new race not knowing what could happen next. Teenagers with a large school load tend to get so lost from their social life they may tend to do or create things that may help the figure out different questions but may affect the world around them which is what happened to Victor when he created the “monster”.


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