Is creating technology good or evil? Does it improve the world or ruin it? In my opinion, I think it depends on the knowledge and skill of the inventor. In the book Frankenstein, Victor takes all of his knowledge from his studies and recreates life.When creating technology, we should all think of the saying “can I do it or should I do it” because if you put your mind to it you can accomplish it but sometimes what you create shouldn’t be created. When victor creates the monster he doesn’t think about weather creating it is a good or bad thing. Victor just wants to put all his knowledge he has gathered and put it to work. New inventions are great to have an can help the world juristically like fire alarms and smoke detectors. While things like phones and computers have a good side and bad side for being created and sometimes wonder if the creators ever thought of the saying “can I do it or should I do it”. The monster Victor created is just like cell phones.  Phones are good for contacting people, taking photos and for social life but on the other hand, phones aren’t a good thing to have because people get carried away and start using them while driving which causes accidents. Which causes injuries and death to innocent people not the person who is being foolish and no obeying the rules. Just like phones, the creation of the monster has similar negatives and positives for being created. Positives for the monster being created is it’s a start of recreating life which is a new experiment which could benefit inventions in the future if handled properly and save time for the next similar invention because creating technology can take time. Victor comments “I had worked hard for nearly 2 years, for the soul purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body” (Shelly 56).  The negative effect of creating the monster is that it starts harming and killing innocent people just like driving a car and using your phone. The monster started acting up because it was left alone and not taken care of properly by Victor which is proven in the book when it states “I did not dare return to the apartment” (58). Innocent people wouldn’t be killed by either piece of technology if they were used properly and taken care of. In my opinion creating technology is great and can help humans and the world with a lot of different important things but they need to be handled and dealt with properly or things can end up out of hand and start effecting the world and harming innocent people.



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