Relief Like Never Before

I would like to begin by saying that I watched one of the Frankenstein movies and it never said that Elizabeth was Victor’s adopted sibling. This entire time I thought that he was in love with his biological sister. Thank the Gods that that is not the case, though.¬†They really should have cleared that up for me in the cinema.

Okay- onto the review of the book’s style.

It’s a very well-written book and I like that- unlike the movie- it gets to the whole ‘reanimating a corpse’ thing pretty quickly. It’s kind of old-style prose, but I’m used to reading that, so I can comprehend it easily. I always like the framing device of the letters and how it teases at what everything is leading to.

I’m incredibly eager to see how the book unfolds compared to the movie.

One thought on “Relief Like Never Before

  1. The style that the book is written in allows the characters to have more distinctive personalities as they can all talk in their own mannerisms and with different amounts of brutishness. Whilst in the film its typically the screen writers versions of the doctors or the monsters who are altered and twisted to make the story seem like it has a distinctively worse side or twisted to make all the characters seem evil of nature . I feel that the film adaptations of Frankenstein are a little less enjoyable than the books but still all around great movies.

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