Creator vs. Creation: Who’s More Monstrous?

I personally think that Victor is played up to being the more monstrous of the two altogether too much.

He created life- so what? His intentions were not evil and playing God is something that humans are pretty good at attempting- it’s only natural for the talented to push the boundaries and achieve more than normal humans can. The 99% of average people out there view Victor as the monster because he played God, something that they can never do due to their utter and complete lack of talent. It is a subconscious jealousy of the normal humans- he is not viewed as monstrous because he created life, but because they cannot.

Tangent aside, though- Victor’s only supposed crime was God-playing with good intentions. He never meant for things to turn out the way that they did. He chose attractive parts for the monster- it wasn’t like he purposely made him a hideous pariah. He even went along with the monster at first on the ‘Making A Mate’ project, only abandoning it when he weighed the reasonable cons against the pros. The monster murdered innocents whose only crimes were being related to Victor, including the young William, who truly did nothing. Even putting the murder aside, the fiend’s plan was to kidnap the child and force him to like him. Creepy, much? Choking Elizabeth out certainly wasn’t an acceptable way to deal with his own loneliness and it solved nothing. His actions only made Victor loathe him even more. He even went into a fit of white-hot rage and burned down the cottager’s house- when Victor imagined another of these creatures, one who might possibly not bond to the original monster, he reasonably acquitted the project.  If the female had rejected him, might not the monster have unleashed Pandaemonium upon everyone and everything that he could, his loneliness having reached an intense boiling point as not even one of his own kind favoured his company? Safety first, kids.

I think Victor’s abandonment of the creature was kind of unintelligent, letting it wander off to Gods-know-where, but it is understandable. He thought that he was using his talents for the world’s hope, but when he laid eyes upon the beast for the first time, he realised that it brought him only despair. And that turned out to be the continued pattern- not just the monster’s visage brought despair, but its actions.

Overall, I think that the monster is the worse of the two and Victor’s ‘monstrousness’ is too much overplayed.


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