Frankenstein Foods

Lots of folks nowadays are comparing genetically modified foods (or ‘Frankenstein foods’) to Frankenstein’s creature and using the comparison of ‘well, look how that turned out.’ I think that is a foolhardy stance to take on the matter, seeing as GMO fruits and vegetables do not have the capacity to hunt down your loved ones and murder them. Even if they were to cause cancer or other illnesses like that, does it really matter? Everything causes cancer now- from the ninety-nine cent ramen noodles, to the chemicals in our water, to red meat, to the freaking sun. Living is dangerous. We might as well create foods so that we don’t take the environment down with us (not that we can even save it by now).

Our society consumes altogether too much produce, stripping the Earth bare like a swarm of locusts. If scientists create that produce then the Earth might have a chance to regrow. And really, if GMOs do cause cancer, I would view that as a good thing. There are way too many humans on our planet for our continued existence, and as talent is seemingly dying out, it seems unlikely that someone is going to find a way to colonise another planet before the inevitable destruction of our home and us.

The world is going down a despairingly slow downward slope, with no hope of redemption without a culling. Even with GMOs, we are still doomed. So we might as well at least try to make a dent in our wanton destruction so that the Earth has some hope of recovering after we are all dead. The only people who think that GMOs are comparable to ‘Frankenstein’ are self-centred, talentless purists who care neither for the world or hope, only themselves. And those who don’t care for hope are truly despicable and they and the rest of their ilk are worthy for the aforementioned culling.

So I do not think that genetically modified foods or anything like them are in any way comparable to Frankenstein’s monster, or the moral that the¬†book presents.¬†

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