Can technology go too far?

What is responsible innovation? Victor Frankenstein would do well to consider this term in his experiments, responsible innovation is when inventors or engineers create things and take in to account the certain lines that you shouldn’t cross when creating things. in Frankenstein’s case he created a sentient being capable of feeling emotions, in some ways the monster is considered human because he is capable of feeling emotions, but he has weaknesses as well (eg, lonely, resentful, and seeks vengeance). in other ways the monster may not be considered human due to the world population not being accepting of “different” people. the only reason the monster is a monster is because victor decided to call him that. if someone creates something sentient you must treat it as a sentient being and not an object of your creation.

In the movie Jurassic world the company does very well with responsible innovation but there is always those who want to use their creation to become billionaires

When you hear of someone committing crimes on the news, most of the time their parents weren’t very good influences during the criminals childhood. in Frankenstein, victor throws the monster away because he sees him as an “ugly creature”. the monster in his resentful nature seeks vengeance on victor because he threw him away, the monster only wants to be loved and only victor can create a second monster.


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